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Sma Marketing Blueprint

Your Smart Marketing Blueprint

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Are you looking for a roadmap to success? Well, here it is. It’s called the Smart Marketing Blueprint and you ought to print this off, and put it next to your computer.

Smart Marketing Blueprint - Infographic

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Give Them What They Want

This is pretty simple, but it’s not always easy. I have known entrepreneurs who poured hours into a new product or service, but they haven’t done any market research to know if the market wants this kind of product.

They are in love with their new product, and they think everyone else should love it, too. It’s like having a really ugly puppy that you love. No one else loves that puppy, but you do. And you can’t understand why nobody else loves that puppy.

Smart Marketing Blueprint

But on the other hand, there’s Ray Kroc, who built McDonald’s into a great international success. Ray once said, “Selling is the gentle art of letting the customer have it your way.” He was right!

When you serve a targeted marketplace, you can actually let customers have it your way. You can give people what they want, but in that process, you’re giving them what you want to give them.

Offer Appealing Products & Services

Again, it comes back to knowing and having an intimate understanding of your marketplace. Most companies are doing “me too” kinds of things – they’re all following the follower. The more you’re aware of that, the more you’ll see it.

There are exceptions, but those are the guys who are able to see what their clients really want. You need to become one of them to make the biggest profits.

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Your Profit Margin

Number Three is making sure those items have the largest profit margin possible. This is one of the main secrets behind your success. You see, most businesses don’t focus enough on creating products with high-profit margins. Hands down the best profit margins will always come from producing and selling your own digital products.

Smart Marketing Blueprint

You need to have slack adjusters in the mix, (a high-ticket, high-profit margin product or service that gives you a BIG PAYDAY!) because you have to make money to pay yourself the kind of money you want and deserve. That’s where affiliate marketing links can fill in too.

Set Up An Email Marketing System

Next is to develop marketing systems that identify the right prospects and communicate the right messages to them. A marketing system is simply a process that automatically attracts and resells customers again and again for you. That’s why it’s so important to set up your opt-in-email system. Build it right, and it can work just like a machine.

Reach & Sell To Them Fast

Number Five is that you’ve got strive to reach and sell, to those people fast enough to make the largest profit you possibly can. Again, most businesses don’t have any real strategy for this part.

Reselling To Your Customers

I know that sounds obvious.  But most business owners do an extremely lousy job of making repeat sales to existing customers. They just sit back waiting for it all to come to them.

They’re not aggressive enough in their follow up, usually due to mistaken beliefs around their clients already being satisfied since they bought something.  Or about not wanting to bother clients with too many repeat offers.

Look – if someone bought something from you before and they had a good experience, there’s a very good chance they will be interested in other offers you have.

I remember years ago coming across a marketing guru who I really resonated with.  As soon as I saw some of his videos, I knew this guy had the answers I needed to scale my business. 

So I went searching for his products, and then found an entry-level one for $97.  After buying it, I expected an upsell for a higher level coaching program or home study course.  My credit card was ready to go – I wanted his more advanced programs – and all of them.

But there was no upsell.  And I remember being really annoyed by that – like I’d been short-changed out of his more advanced products.

Your best buyers are going to be like this.  If you deliver the goods, they are going to want more from you.  Do not rob them from that by acting like a wimpy marketer.  Make those repeat offers, and let them buy as much from you as they want.

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Creating A Sales Message

Your goal is to build a long-term relationship with these people. You must think it through to the best of your ability, so you can do things that set the customer up for the future sale. Remember, repeat business is the key to generating the largest profits.

There’s a reason why I spend hours a day writing emails and creating content for you.  I want to build a long term relationship with you! I want you to read my emails and consume my content and marketing for years to come.  And yes, I want you to buy from me for years to come.  So I try to do everything with that goal in mind; we’ll be doing business together for a long time.

Be Unique

Instead of bemoaning the fact that you’re up against so many other competitors, why not take some steps to make yourself unique? Find something that sets you apart in ways that are meaningful to the people you most want to attract. What could you do to make yourself seem unique? What steps can you take to do that, and in doing so, enhance your business?

If your business is the one in which you feature in the marketing, the best advice I can give you here is be yourself.  Don't try to be the image of what you think your customers would want to be – just be your authentic self.  Click To Tweet

In my videos, I am me.  I’m no Grant Cardone… or Tai Lopez… or Gary Vaynerchuck.  I’m just me.  So, just be you.  Authenticity will get you a lot more sales than by being slick or highly polished.

Creating Proactive Marketing Strategies

Number Nine is creating proactive marketing strategies that allow you to control the selling process. This is part of being a relentless marketer. You don’t just sit there and take what comes to you. You take the fight to your market.

It’s part of controlling that relationship, from lead generation to customer acquisition, to the initial sale, to reselling to that customer again and again. It all ties back into developing that relationship so your customers will be receptive to each new offer you make to them.

Marketing Ongoing Specific Offers

And finally, Number Ten is making specific offers to your customers on an ongoing basis. In other words, you have to compel them to come back to you again, instead of just waiting for them to magically decide on their own to come find your business again.

Wrapping It Up

This Smart Marketing Blueprint is a good guidepost to examine your current business models. If something isn’t going right in your business, or you want to do even better, get back to the fundamentals and take a look at what you need to fix before moving forward.

Your Two Cents

Are you consistently performing all ten strategies? How much of it are you automating? Where are you falling short? Please share your own challenges.

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12 Replies to “Your Smart Marketing Blueprint”

  1. Love this post! Found a lot of value in it which I can apply to my own business. There seems to be always more to do and automation is really something I should be looking into and where I currently am falling short. Great tips. Will print as a reminder 🙂

  2. This post was so beneficial to me as I am trying to build an online business. I have alot of takeaways from this to go test out on my site right now! Thanks for the good advice!

  3. Thank you for this review. I have been considering email marketing and being unique so this article is exactly what I need to see.
    What ways can one be unique other than being themselves?

    1. Hi Thabo, To answer your question. Do some research first. Check out your competition, what are they selling a lot of? What products and freebies are they offering? What’s missing? I would suggest you carefully consider how you can create a new product or improve on what seems to have big appeal already. I spend a lot of time on research and keep an eye on what my competition is offering. Check out my blog on 10 Creative Lead Magnet Ideas That Work. Also, be sure to sign-up and join my email list where I have great tips and advice to offer my readers.

  4. Giving customer want they want is such a critical step in the whole process, without this one step, the whole house of cards can come rolling down! I agree with this completely.

    I also like the Smart Marketing Blueprint. The only customization I would make to suit my needs is for #3 – Make sure those items have the highest profits possible!. I would change that to: My#3: Make sure those items have the highest value to the customer and also provide you a decent profit.

    My logic is that with this change, the customer will develop even more trust with my brand and then more people will join into the buying -> thereby bringing in more profit my way! This is a great article, and I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.

    1. Hi Padma, Yes, you have a very good point there. Better to offer lower priced items (low to mid-range) when starting out so long as what you are offering is of high value to your site visitors. Putting out solid content and being generous with your advice, also goes a long way towards building trust. Once you’ve built up a good customer base through your email marketing, then your chances of selling higher-priced items will grow exponentially. Thanks for your input!

  5. Thanks for sharing your smart marketing blueprint. I’ve learned a lot from you as always. I like the idea of creating a sales message to create a strong bond with your customers. We’re in the business of trust and this is the most important aspect to me personally. I’ll see where can I improve on this more. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ivan, I realized that writing from a personal perspective, as if I was sitting in front of you having a conversation, really goes a long way towards building trust. Of course, always be honest. If you don’t know something, say so. We can’t all be experts in everything. I really appreciate your input. Thanks.

  6. I love this. The point really stuck when you used the analogy of the ugly puppy. Ill be sure to keep that in mind moving forward as that will save me the trouble in wasting unnecessary time trying to sale a product that there may not be a need for.

    I was unaware of the email opt in system but that sounds brilliant. It’s small things like that can take someone form being average to supper successful. I just downloaded a copy of the Smart & Effective List building blueprint. Looking forward to learning more!

  7. Hi! Thank you for your sharing. I do learn more from your articles as I’m still a newbie in online business. Have been trying to figure out how to increase more traffic to my website. Would love to learn more from you…:-)

    1. Hi Janet,
      If you’re not already on WA, here’s a link to free training you shouldn’t pass up! It’s how I started and I can’t recommend it enough. Totally free1 Also, watch the video I made that gives you an overview of what you can expect.

  8. Hi Ann, great work on your site content. A lot of useful information and properly set up website. I like your themes and everything looks pretty well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I will share this with friends as well.

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