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Write Business Emails That Get Opened And Clicked

Write Business Emails That Get Opened And Clicked

Lots of you solo entrepreneurs may be having trouble grappling with email ideas.  Even with a great website, good products and lots of traffic, where many small business owners fail are in their email marketing strategy. Creating emails for your subscribers really doesn’t have to be hard.

Many of you may be viewing email marketing as a separate entity apart from your website or e-commerce site. But I challenge you to take a different view of them.

Look at your emails to your subscribers not as an external entity but rather as an extension of your existing contact. Instead, craft your emails as small introductions or trailers of each of your blogs. Now you’ll never run out of ideas! You can easily use what you already have to build out your email campaigns. 

Use Your Existing Content

Already have several blogs? Don’t let them go to waste. Instead, you can use them for your emails.  Make an outline of your blog post and choose two or three points. Then write a short email about those points with a link to the full blog post. 

Another great way to connect with your subscribers is to write about your own personal journey. You can compose several emails discussing certain challenges you faced and how you overcame them. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about the good, bad & the ugly of running an online business
  • Mistakes you’ve made
  • Choosing a niche
  • Time management
  • Choosing affiliate products to promote
  • Finding time to blog
  • Expanding on someone’s comment to one of your blogs

Craft Your Emails With Purpose

Make your email templates appealing and in line with your website’s branding.  Autoresponders have great templates. Using an autoresponder to run your email marketing on autopilot 24/7 is a must. 

Internet email marketing; online marketing
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Email marketing that generates a response or an action fulfills one of the following:

  • Personalized
  • Tells A Story With An Object Lesson
  • Attractive Imagery
  • Attractive Template/Design
  • Includes a Call To Action (CTA)

10 Email Curiosity Subject Lines

Now I get a ridiculous number of emails on a daily basis. I’m guessing you do too! So what determines which one you’ll open and read? It’s all in the subject title, isn’t it? If it piques my interest, chances are more likely that I’ll open it. 

Here are ten subject lines you can adapt to your own business email marketing campaigns that are sure to get them opened.

  • Your friends want to hear about this!
  • 2 Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making
  • Getting from “idea” to “done”
  • Want me to tell you a secret?
  • OMG…Game Changer!
  • Are you still tripping over yourself? (About bad habits)
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about…
  • Is this you?
  • This Will Really Get You Going
  • 3 Sneaky Tactics For Breathing New Life Into Your…

What’s Your Story?

The best content tells a story and evokes emotion. Emotion is the best trigger that inspires action from your subscribers and customers. Five out of the six top email campaigns below focus in on generating emotion: 

  • Campaign throwing a fun pun. 
  • Giving a free product  
  • Campaign provoking temptation. 
  • Email template copy provoking curiosity. 
  • Campaign with a touching message. 
  • Survey email campaign with money reward.

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5 Replies to “Write Business Emails That Get Opened And Clicked”

  1. What a well-written article!
    You included a lot of helpful information but laid it out in a very to understand way.
    I recently have started a blog and will definitely be using this article as a resource as I start using business emails more soon.
    Thank you for the useful information!

  2. I’m just about to start an email campaign on my website and I was thinking about subject lines that I’m going to use for my emails and my campaign. It’s important to do it right from the top. Your article helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    1. My pleasure, Ivan. Thanks for the encouragement. My first and foremost goal is to provide down to earth and useful instruction. Part of an email campaign requires that you set up an opt-in form and tie it in with an autoresponder. I put together a FREE e-course that walks you through the process. Click for more information on the course.

  3. Hey Anne, thanks for the great post.
    It’s those darn headlines eh? I know emotion is so important, yet I always struggled with what to write.
    You’ve given me some great ideas, here, that I’m going to implement right away.
    Thanks again,

    1. Lol, yes, Suzanne. Getting past the headline is the first hurdle and it’s critically important. You’ve got to create enough interest and/or curiosity to get them to click on it first.

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