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What Is Bulletproof Profits About?

Bulletproof Profits Affiliate Offer: 

  • Product Category: Email marketing
  • Author: JustinTyler (fake)
  • Initial Order Price: $9.00/ $26.32
  • Upsells: $342
  • Refund Policy: Clickbank 60 day refund


BulletProof is yet another effort to scam good people looking for a legitimate method of making money from home. First of all, you can make a good income from home as I am without any scams or spending hundreds of dollars on paid ads. 

However, it is in no way a get rich quick scheme and it will require the better part of 12 months worth of dedication to really get it going. Read my #1 Recommended Training Program here.

This Clickbank product is aimed at the naive hoping to find a shortcut. It makes big claims to folks looking to set up a successful income-generating online method by offering a “secret online goldmine” available for a very limited time.

The affiliate link takes you to a landing page where you watch a video that claims that using their system you can make $2,000 a day, $14,000 a week or $50,000 a month with just seven simple clicks and $50K a month.

Like many similar product promotions, Bulletproof Profits uses “testimonials” as social proof in an effort to give it some legitimacy and time limits to create a false sense of urgency.

Bulletproof Profits Selling Strategy

  • They employ false scarcity
  • Tries to use Amazon Affiliates for legitimacy
  • Outrageous claims of $3,750 or more per day
  • 7 Clicks get you cash flowing
  • Fake testimonials using Shutterstock images
  • Fake video (Fiverr paid actor)
  • Fake income
  • False & misleading affiliate claims

How It Works

The affiliate resource page provides a set of emails that you are instructed to send out. There are seven “Income Exploding Swipes” and four “Personal Development Swipes”.  Their claims, like the one below, are full of hype.

The emails claim that earning extra money is as easy as “Copy. Paste. Profit” and claims there are only “4 slots left”. The subsequent emails claim the many people are making $500 to $1000 day is easy and takes only an hour a day or just 10 clicks of a mouse button. If your willing to believe this, I’ve got a bridge in NYC to sell you.

Look any program that tells you that you can make $1000 in Day One is full of hype and should be sending off alarm bells in your head. No one, not even my #1 Top Online Business Builder will do that. There are no shortcuts to starting, building and running a successful online business. Period.

The Bulletproof program employs a very low introductory offer of $26.32 but quickly builds on that with high priced upsells that “you must have”. 

Affiliates are lured into promises of earning $250 per sale which is highly suspect when the initial investment is just $9.00.

Bulletproof Profits Affiliate Claims


BulletProof promises to offer you training on making money using Amazon through the Amazon FBA and affiliate program. All they really provide is a downloadable PDF they call “a course” that won’t help you. The PDF is simply of collection of the general information you can find for free online. The videos are at minimum three years old and outdated by today’s standards.

Programs with low introductory offers and outrageous claims such as “make thousands per day with just seven clicks” are designed to sell you on the initial investment. From there, the real money they make is in the ever-increasing upsets that can run from a few hundred into the thousands. 

More specifically, BulletProof Profits offers you two main upsets, Bulletproof Profit Turbo ($197) and the Bulletproof Paydays ($145). Each upset promises to give you access to “top secret” loopholes that will lead to 10x the amount of cash.

Basic Course

The information contained here focuses on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is already outdated of useless.  I’ve included an Amazon video on how FBA works below where you’ll learn more for free about how it works than you would on Bulletproof Profits paid basic training course.

Although Amazon is a legitimate company, making thousands of dollars on there is difficult and will take a long time to achieve. Not only do they pay the lowest possible commissions online $0.06 per dollar, but they also adhere to very strict rules and approval process. For instance, unless you already have steady traffic to your already existing and well-established website you will not be able to meet the minimum of three sales in 90 days and Amazon will cancel your affiliate membership. No questions asked. 

Level 2 Course

Level two focuses on paid advertising. Paid ads can work but it certainly is NOT for newbies. There a whole lot you must have in place first before you ever consider throwing money in that direction. You can very quickly lose hundreds or thousands of dollars through paid advertising. I would never recommend that any newbie use this method. Your costs can get out of control very quickly. 

Bonus: $10K Affiliate Plan

This section is made up of two PDFs and only provide the most basic information on making money using Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s simply a basic overview and does not provide you with any “golden nuggets” of information or step-by-step method.

There are lots of people who have found ways to make some money on Amazon but few, if any, will claim to make $10K a day from it. That’s because Amazon offers only the lowest-paid commissions you’ll ever find online. There are much better programs out there. 

Can you make money online?

It took me five months to make my first $27 selling my own digital product online and that’s mainly because I have a full-time job that takes up much of my time.

I also utilize affiliate programs that pay far better than Amazon. Below are two free e-courses I highly recommend if you actually looking to start your own legitimate online business. I took both of these courses and they literally took me from zero to a growing online business that is already providing supplemental income to me and my family.

Bulletproof Profit “Success Stories”

More than one reviewer of this product has pointed out that the social proofs provided by Bulletproof Profits are bogus images grabbed from stock photos.  In fact, the guy on the sales video who claims he’s making $1,000 a month from the program and on track to $18,000 a month. This guy is a paid actor willing to make these types of videos for a living. 

Final Verdict

Like many such programs, Bulletproof Profits is here today and gone tomorrow. It’s one of the far too many overnight scam sites designed to lure and deceive the public. I’ve tried a few in the past and have been bitten on more than one occasion. 

The very best program I know of doesn’t ask for anything upfront other than your own level of commitment to see it through. No question about it, your level of success online is directly proportional to your persistence. 

Another ulterior motive that sites like Bulletproof Profits are the collection of email addresses. Please keep in mind that sites like these are typically more than willing to sell your contact information to the highest bidder and open you up to a flood of unsolicited scammers.

A Far Better Alternative – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since. Most members start with free training. They only have one membership program called Premium which gives you access to their one of a kind 24/7 members chat area, a HUGE library of courses and recorded webinar training they conduct every Friday evening. 

Their help center is amazingly responsive too! Unlike other sites that charge a pretty penny for higher-level memberships, Wealthy Affiliate charges $49/month or $29/month if you pay yearly. This rate has been the same for years. There are no other charges or fees.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are true believers and are not out to rip you off.

In fact, they go out of their way to over-deliver on your expectations. When you’re on there, feel free to look me up at AnneDreams2 and follow me. 

Choosing one of the free e-courses above will give you a good taste of what a legitimate program looks and feels like. The video courses followed by written instruction teach you how to choose your niche and start to put in place the basic building blocks of your new WordPress site. 

In fact, their FREE program gives you hosting for two free websites. They cover things such as keyword research the right way

  • How to plan, structure and write new content that ranks on search engines
  • How to quickly index your site with Google & Bing
  • Everything About WordPress
  • Optimizing your site for SEO
  • Social engagement marketing.
  • Local marketing.
  • Setting up an e-commerce site
  • Using Google Search Console To Rank Your Posts Fast
  • Internal & External linking so Google takes notice
  • Utilizing affiliate links and so much more. 
  • Using ALT tags effectively to rank your post higher on SERPs 
  • Writing Irresistible Meta Titles and Descriptions that draw in visitors
  • How to consistently grow your website and get noticed by Google and other SERPs.
To Wealthy Affiliate

The beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate program is how you can enroll and start free training with NO TIME LIMITS. This gives you a really good opportunity to look under the hood and see for yourself if this is something you want to pursue.

It is my belief that absolutely ANYONE (including you) can be working from home, doing this Internet stuff full time. 

The work you invest now pays off later. It holds true to this day. Depending on your own time and effort, it will typically take months or maybe a year or more to truly pay off.

So prepare yourself. The Internet is the greatest opportunity ever created for “regular” people like you and me, but it is one that you need to treat like a business. If you do, you are going to be waking up in the morning smiling in just 6 months from now…when your website is established and earning you a consistent income online.

Get Ready…

Imagine owning a business in New York City. Now imagine having the same business with 100 times the people that all have credit cards and that you can interact with 24 hours per day…and connect with while you are away from your business or even when you are sleeping.

That is the Internet. There are over 2 billion people in the world with high-speed internet and many more with access to the internet. That is a lot of people. That is a lot of potentials and in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, you are going to be tapping into it. 

Being Patient Pays You Dividends

You have everything you need. In fact, you have 100x more than I had when I started out. I could have only wished for something like Wealthy Affiliate to help me out when I was trying to get up and running with my online business two years ago.

  • You have the expert help.
  • You have expert training.
  • You have live classes.
  • You have awesome websites.
  • You have the tools.
  • You have the network.
  • You have the community.
  • You have the foundation.

You have 100x more than your competition and you are going to get an education from those that have real, “hands-on” expertise and success within the industry.

Intangible Successes…

I know most people are solely focused on earning more money. I get that. BUT, Success is not just money. The money will chase all of your other success and your passion for doing something awesome online.

There are many “intangible” successes that are not related to money at all (like websites, like content, like relationships, like education) that will lead to the success that you can really get excited about, the money part.


The normal rate of the Premium membership is $49 per month. But you can get a special offer from me, which will grant you a 61% discount on your first month. All you need to do is signup with the button below and your first month will only cost $19!

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By the way, my personal discount for you has no time limit! So create your free account using the button below and see for yourself if you would benefit from the premium membership. Take all the time you need. No pressure.

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  1. Hi. I find this article really helpful for those who wants to do business online. You’ve shared us a more detailed information for us to be aware of what are legitimate and just a scam.

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