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What Are 8 Fast Content Marketing Facts You Need To Build Your Online Business?

What Are 8 Fast Content Marketing Facts You Must Use To Build Your Online Business?

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Think you know all you need to build your online business? Think again…Even I was surprised by these latest 2019 results and it changed my content marketing strategy dramatically. The more you know, the faster you’ll succeed.

Growing your online brand through content marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Yet there are thousands of articles all covering the same topic of content marketing. Here are 8 fast facts you need to know when crafting your future content. Some of these may fly in the face of what you’ve come to believe about content and content marketing as a whole.

The Bigger, The Better?

Contrary to what you may have heard, content that’s 1000-2000 words or more gets an average of 77.2% more links. I’m sure you’ve often come across content marketing advice saying the bigger you build out your blog, the better. Longer content also outranks shorter blogs.

However, content that is over 2000 words does not perform as well as blogs that are in the 1000-2000 range.  Keep that number in mind next time you write your new blog.

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Create A List

List posts, similar to this one, get an average of 218% more shares than any “How To” post, and 203% more shares than even infographics. 

Infographics generate 25.8% more backlinks than videos “What” or “How-to” posts. Infographics are among the top three content format for links but fall short in social shares.

Paying It Forward Offers Big Rewards

Did you know that 94% of published blogs do not include any external links? I was shocked to read this. Not including external links in your blog content is a big mistake and a missed opportunity to leverage your content and extend its reach.

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Including links to bigger and reputable sites will help lend legitimacy to you and help boost your search engine ranking in the process.

According to Google, 95% of the content published gets zero external links. What this means is that getting someone to link to your content is really tough.

In fact, only 2.2% of content actually generates links from multiple websites. This is largely due to the level of the volume being published online every day from all over the world.

The lion’s share of social shares is generated by only a very small percentage of blog posts. Approximately, 1.3% of all blogs are generating as much as 75% of all social shares. Which may speak to the fact that few bloggers are actively incorporating SEO tools within their content. More than half of all social shares are going to 0.1% of viral posts.

Pay Attention To Your Headlines!

Longer headlines that are 14-17 words (80+ characters)  in length actually generate 76.7% more social shares than shorter ones. Longer headlines have a better chance of matching more keyword searches in SERPs.

“Why” and “What” posts are more likely to get linked to other content formats.  Also, headlines that ask a question get 23.3% more shares overall.

The Formula

Good news! Rather than spend forever searching online for one tip here and there. After much trial and error, I put together a checklist that I follow religiously to grow my online businesses. I hate spending money on online ads and that includes letting others place their ads on my site as well. Do you see any Adwords ads on my site? Nope! I hate them as much as anybody.

So, I’ve decided to share my checklist with you for free. This works! I would suggest you print it out and follow the steps for each section. It won’t happen overnight, but so long as you stick with it, you will start to see an improvement to your site’s traffic and rankings, just as I did.

Getting Started With Online Marketing

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  • How to build up your content.
  • How to leverage your content and drive traffic to your site.

Wrapping It Up

What I’ve listed here is just a quick and dirty summary of the extensive research provided by Backlinko.com. Feel free to leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

4 Replies to “What Are 8 Fast Content Marketing Facts You Must Use To Build Your Online Business?”

  1. Hello I really liked what I read, I always thought that if I made a blog with articles of about 500 words would be enough, nice to know that I was wrong. I did not know about the external links, nice to know that too. I have a question, my posts titles have to be related to the name of my site? Thank you very much for sharing your content.

    1. Hi Flavio, Your post titles should be related to the subject matter of your post. However, I suggest you keep your posts topics related to your site’s niche. For instance, if you run a site on health, you don’t want to write up blogs about online marketing, right? Stay within the niche you’ve chosen and really focus in on that.

  2. Hi, Anne thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I have always wondered how long should a blog post be. I think you just answered my question.

    I also think that anything over 2000 + words just get too long and boring for me and if it does that to me then it would do the same with my readers too.

    Unless of course, you’re a storyteller then that’s a different story, keep them engaged.

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