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Viewing Online Business Through Rose Colored Glasses


People who are interested in building an online business often have a skewed set of expectations. It’s easy to expect your online business to grow super fast. Certainly much quicker than an offline store would, right?

After all, this is the Internet. We can connect with each other with just a click, send messages to others instantly and access information about anything with a simple search. The expectation is instant gratification.

This “mindset” is propagated through loads of misleading information and claims of “instant riches” and mansions, travel and a life of leisure all the while hardly working at all.

Let me interrupt this picture for an important announcement. That is not reality. 

An amazingly successful online marketing business won’t just suddenly happen in a few weeks or months. It could take a year or more depending on the time you put into it. Yes, you heard me right…I said that!

Regardless of your level of experience, get your online business off the ground. Here’s what I use still today.

Yes, I know there’s a whole lot of hype out there but I’m not here to keep you in “La la land”. Can you make big money online? Sure, can! How long will it take? Now that’s entirely up to you. You must first be realistic. It takes dedication and a consistent effort over time.

Give Them Fresh Manna

Setting up a website isn’t enough. You must consistently employ SEO tactics and provide new valuable content often. Let’s say you blog a couple of times per week on your website, and say that the average time to research, write and publish your content is 1.5 hours.  That’s three hours per week that you’ve invested in the most critical aspect of your business.

Of course, there are going to be other things that you work on associated with your business (keyword research, social marketing, creating videos, ads, email autoresponders, etc). If you invest three hours per week into your business, your online business will grow slowly.

The problem is that the expectations for this three hour an online work week often far exceeds that of the offline world where you have to invest 40 hours or more per week.

It is true that three hours per week can eventually lead to an income over time, but after three months? That’s only 36 total hours you have invested in your building your online business. Why would your expect full-time income after only three months and 36 hours?  Keep in mind that’s the equivalent amount of time some people spend on a casual hobby.

Putting 36 hours into your business is just getting the foundation in place. That is why after 3-4 months you’re likely not generating any kind of big money into your online business.

Stepping It Up

Now, imagine putting in 20 hours per week into your online business? If you ramped up the actual production side, I have no doubts that you could create a minimum of seven posts on your website (one per day) as well as manage all engagement, social activities and build out the comment side of things on your each and every one of these posts.

After a year of investing this amount of time you’d be looking at a website with 350+ posts on it, a website that is getting a considerable amount of traffic, and one that likely will be in not just a state of being a full time income, but will be in a position to be scaled far beyond this.

Now imagine putting 40 hours dedicated effort per week. You could really ramp up the production of your content or focus on building out more thorough and detailed articles.

You could write up to seven posts per week, but they are very detailed and well-researched type of posts.  Perhaps you can get comments and engagements coming in on all of them. You can even invest some time into the integration of videos, charts, and imagery into all of your pages and posts.

Within a year’s time, you could have an authority website in place, one that has a good deal of brand recognition. You have clout in an industry after just one year. Not to mention a significant foundation to continue to grow your business from and one that is likely generating a respectable income stream.

Start Earning, Start Scaling…

And as you start generating income, you can start getting help. You can get help with your content authoring, what if you could put in 10 minutes of time drawing up an article or pay someone a nominal fee to write relevant and content-rich articles for you

Imagine how quickly you could scale if you could literally get seven articles written per week in.

Regardless of your level of experience, get your online business off the ground. Here’s what I use still today.

Be realistic about the process of building an online business, and the realism of a business will take place before your eyes. The only time I see someone fail within the online world is when they quit…prematurely of their success. As we are building a business, sometimes we hit a crossroad or a difficult time when something doesn’t make sense, something “breaks”, or something simply is frustrating the heck out of us.

I’ve been there and done that! I still revisit that from time to time, too. That’s when I remind myself, there’s always a solution, take a breather for a while then go back and look at it again with fresh eyes.

The easiest way out is to quit. The successful way is to keep pushing on. Which will you choose?


4 Replies to “Viewing Online Business Through Rose Colored Glasses”

  1. Boy! I wish writing content just took me 1.5 hours from research to publishing. I tend to take a few days to publish articles since I spend 2 hours/day on it. I’m getting there though.

    Your link seems to be not working. I would be interested in knowing what you recommend once fixed though.

    Not interested in no get-rich-overnight-making-thousands-per-hour-with-the-push-of-a-button programs that seem to populate the online business industry these days. This isn’t one of those, right?

    1. Hey Jason, 

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix that link right away. I’ve tried several but then since I discovered WA, I’ve come a long way, that’s for sure! WA comes highly recommended if you’re looking for thorough training that is. It’s a step by step approach to everything related to online marketing and affiliated marketing. They have two different training programs Bootcamp if you’d like to concentrate on affiliate marketing and the Online Marketing Certification course is if you have your own products you’d like to promote instead. Take a look here for more info. If you’d like to read one of my reviews on WA first, click here.

  2. To be honest, when I started my blog, I have had some high expectations as well. Not an overnight success, but I thought I could have a basic income after 3 months or so. I’m in the second month, but I figured out that it would get me more time for this. Still, it’s too nice to give up and the benefits too many!

    1. Jenny, yes, it’s  “delayed gratification”. Sort of reminds me of the old Heinz Ketchup commercials of watching it ever so slowly pour out of the bottle while singing “Anticipation….it’s making me wait!” in the background. Am I aging myself now? 

      Anyway, what seems to help is when we see that we are creating a beautiful site, something we can each be proud of. Then it’s not so bad and we just keep it growing, nurturing it carefully over time and believing it will eventually begin to reward our efforts in due course. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

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