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Top 10 Actions That Converts Your Web Traffic Into Sales

In general, it takes me three to four hours of time to complete a blog post from start to finish. Most of the time is spent on research. So, if you’d like more information on products mentioned in any of my blogs, won’t you please use the affiliate links herewithin as a nice way of saying “thanks”. Affiliate links cost you nothing.

If you’ve been writing blogs for some time, I’m guessing you’ve made some progress along the way. When I look back at some of my first posts, it’s clear to me that my writing skills have noticeably improved over time.

We all want to make a positive first impression. Writing content that converts requires that you plan ahead to provide content with a purpose. Providing content that’s helpful is important but then what? 

The first step of writing with purpose requires research. So research your keywords that are suitable for your topic. Make note of other keywords that you can still use in the subheadings of your content.  My top keyword research tool gives me a list of the highest-ranking to the lowest ranking along with suggestions. It also has a site rank feature. 

Set up an outline of your content first. When researching your topic, pick out the common questions that people are asking. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Google Instant Search
  • BuzzSumo popular headlines on the topic
  • Topic forums

Don’t limit your content to just the basics. Dig deeper and look for ways to provide a more in-depth understanding of the topic. This helps build your credibility as an authoritative source which in turns boosts your rankings down the road.

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More Than Meets The Eye

The more you write, the sooner you’ll start to realize that SEERPs can rank one post under a hundred different keywords. Google bots search through your content and pick out every imaginable keyword it can find. So, it’s not unusual for an article or a post to get ranked for hundreds of keywords at a time. 

Writing With Intent

Every piece of your content should have a well-defined focus and purpose behind it. Does it answer a question, address misconception? When you write your next blog, write with an opinion, vigor to promote engagement. 

Overall your content should contain at least three out of the six below:

  • Several images
  • A chart, diagram or infographic
  • A video
  • An External Link
  • Internal Links
  • An Affiliate Link
  • A minimum of 500 words

The intent of every post should be to encourage your reader to take some sort of action rather than just leaving your site entirely. 

Note that Google doesn’t like content that’s riddled with affiliate links. There are ways around that though. For instance,

  • write a review post for each of your affiliate products,
  • then each time you mention that affiliate product, direct the link to go to the review page you created.

Now instead of having a bunch of outbound links throughout all of your content, your links will be viewed an inbound to your product review page by Google.

You’ve now outsmarted Google and have only the review post in your site with the external link or a link to an opt-in form. Remember that the longer you can keep a visitor on your site, the better.

Top 10 Actions That Converts Your Web Traffic Into Sales

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Of course, you want to provide quality content that directly answers your audience’s questions. Let’s keep in mind the ultimate goal here is to turn your traffic into revenue.

You accomplish that by having an underlining purpose in mind. Your main goal should be to get your reader to take some kind of action within every blog post or article you write. 

Ask For It!

Online entrepreneurs, the really dedicated ones, show up. They do their research, post on social sites, join in on forums and conversations and do all they can to connect with folks. But the number one reason your content may not be converting into sales is that you’re not asking.

That’s right. No matter how much good content you put out there, the only way to get readers to convert into sales is to ask for the sale through the use of calls to action (CTAs).

Don’t stop with your content, use the same strategy in your email campaigns. Tell them you have something for sale. Don’t ask for it just once either. ask consistently and regularly. 

You should be inviting visitors to comment on each of your posts. It’s a big part of your business and one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. Comments are not just a critical component of your overall engagement, they are great for SEO.  They can also help build trust between you and your audience.

All too often, comments are often overlooked and underrated by site owners. Which means you could be missing out on a big opportunity to steer people in a direction they are already moving toward.  Click To Tweet

What do I mean by that? Well, anyone who leaves a comment on your blog is doing so for a reason:

  • To ask a question
  • Leave an opinion
  • Argue your position on something
  • Agree with you
  • To thank you
  • To spam you

The big opportunity hinges on your response to these comments. I caution you not to engage in an argument or to insult your audience. This would be self-defeating at the very least. But rather, you could take this opportunity to link them to another blog/article on your website or to a product or service. 

Producing Videos

One of the best ways to boost your SERP rankings is to include videos within your content. These don’t need to be very long, drawn-out videos either. The shorter the better. Consider producing videos that highlight your blog’s main points or a “how-to” video. Videos are content and they are among the most effective form of engagement online today.

Sharing With Intent

Providing social buttons on each of your blogs is important. Also, don’t be afraid to share from your site in addition to sharing it externally. It didn’t occur to me to do this until I watched my platform’s author, Kyle, mention it in one of his training videos. 

Don’t just drop URLs in social media posts. Always include an image and a summary to help capture someone’s attention. The ultimate goal is to build engagement with your content.

Using tools like Buffer is a good way to promote each of your blogs and products. Buffer lets you schedule posts months in advance. For Instagram and Pinterest though I use a really great tool that not only lets me schedule in advance but also highlights which posts are doing well and which aren’t. With that information, I easily fine tune and reschedule my best pins/posts to show up again and again over time. This tool literally saves me hours, I’m not kidding!

Running A Webinar That Converts Like Crazy

Webinars are great ways to convert your leads into sales. They are personal, casual and as such tend to build trust quickly. Just make sure you don’t come off like a sales commercial. Doing that will turn people off instantly. 

As part of the webinar registration process, require that people give a name, email address and a phone number.  If they don’t convert during or after the webinar, consider texting them a reminder. You can use sites like TextMagic to send group texts cheaply.

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Your Two Cents

Hey, I hope I’ve given you some solid direction here. Feel free to post your comments and/or questions.

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  1. This is an awesome article! I am currently working to build my own online website and the information you have shared has provided great insight to things I can apply in my own business. I especially like the idea of using short videos that I create to share tidbits of information. Your video caught my attention and I liked that it was short and concise. Thank you for giving me so many great ideas to think about!

  2. Hi,

    This is valuable information!

    I started blogging a couple of months ago and I’m glad I ran into this. You cover several good strategies we could implement to generate traffic and sales as a result. Right now I’m in the process of generating traffic. I haven’t made a single sale yet, but I hope I will soon.
    I will try the techniques you mention in this post. I’m sure one of them has to work at least.
    Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to reading more from you.

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    1. Hi Margaret. Congrats on your first Amazon sale. Let me tell you that as far as affiliate payouts are concerned, you can do so much better than pennies on the dollar that sites like Amazon are willing to pay to affiliate marketers. There are lots of great digital products willing to pay 50% or higher on every sale. My best advice is to be picky and take one at a time. A great place to start is JVZoo. They have a very good program designed to get you earning as an affiliate of their merchant products.

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