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Real Estate Agent Tools: Paradigm Shift

The business of real estate has been around for a very long time. Many of the age-old tactics pre-internet no longer work well since the majority of the population is online. Door knocking is no longer an effective use of your time and energy when you consider that most couples work during the day.

Apart from the exercise, I don’t find that walking door to door is at all an efficient use of my time.  I live in a highly desirable neighborhood where homes are priced at $400K and up. Been here for over five years now and during that time, I employed the door to door knocking strategy four times a year. How many leads did I generate versus how many sales? Zero.

I saw neighborhood go up for sale and each with a different Realtor. So frustrating! Not to mention the $200 on stamps for mailings I sent out on a fairly regular basis.

Adjusting Your Focus

I didn’t want to spend forever researching just to gain little bits and pieces of knowledge. I wanted the whole pictured laid out for me in an organized step by step approach. There was much I already knew, but I also realized there was so much more I was missing and it was hurting my business.

Instead of spending well over $500 monthly on stamps in addition to printing costs for letters and postcards, I spend a fraction of that cost now using more effective online marketing strategies.

Step Back, Take Another Look…

Let’s look at the business of real estate objectively as a potential source of income. Many people jump into real estate thinking it’s easy money and not having a clue how to run a small business. Although your license is held with a Broker, you are not employed by them but rather identified as an independent contractor.

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Thus, you are in business for yourself and as such can also fall under the “home-based” business category. Yes, you have a desk at the office but in reality, you’re only renting that desk space, copier and other office equipment paid by fees that are charged to you every month.

When you think about it, a brokerages bread and butter does not rely heavily on sales commissions but rather on the fees charged monthly to agents.Click To Tweet

Once I came to the realization that over 80% of my real estate back office runs online, I began to focus on how to run an online business. My real estate business is essentially an online business with 90% of all marketing and lead generation performed online through:

Email marketing for Real estate
  • Lead pages
  • Blogging
  • IDX sites
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Online Ads
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • E-sign contracts and more

I started treating it as such, learning all I could about online business marketing and monetization.

Instead of pounding the pavement reaching 80 homes, you could be using that time and energy to drive hundreds or thousands more online straight to you. There is a system to this, a model you can follow.

My goal is to help you cut through the clutter and save you time and money by running an effective real estate business online. 

I’ll help you identify what works and avoid throwing your money on things that don’t. The first step is to accept that your real estate business is an online business and as such you need to learn all you can about building an online business.


Choosing A Platform – Step 1

What first attracted me to this one particular online business training platform I’ve involved myself with, was that it cost me nothing. Yep, I could move through the training for free, no time limits involved either.

I got some solid training and some time to think about whether or not I wanted to commit fully to building an online business and what niche I was going to focus on – before putting any money on the line.

In the end, I did commit fully to the business, and I’m glad I was able to make that decision without any pressure. Going PRO was only $49/month and I got full access to everything. I chose to go with Wealthy Affiliate because I like things well organized, just cut to the chase style of learning.

So many other similar sites drag everything out and next thing you know, you’re on to yet another sales pitch. Not so with Wealthy Affiliate. to read a pretty in-depth review of the platform click here.

Now don’t get confused by the name. They offer two different training programs, one for those who already have a business and/or product or service. The other for those who would like to get into affiliate marketing.  The review I mentioned earlier goes into all that too.

Wealthy Affilaite Websites
WordPress Website Creator Right From Your Dashboard

What I like most is the live member chat forum all in one place so I can get my questions answered instantly.

I also set-up, monitor and build my website all in one place instead of jumping in and out to different sites.

There’s also a  huge library of courses (free with PRO) and live weekly classes are great. One more thing I don’t want to forget to mention. Jay is the sites trainer and he does these live webinars right on the site every Friday night. He focuses on one topic at a time, shows you live examples, answers your questions and doesn’t try to sell you on any third party product or service. It’s just straight up, solid live training.  

He focuses on one topic at a time, shows you live examples, answers your questions and doesn’t try to sell you on any third party product or service. It’s just straight up, solid live training.  

Getting Way More Bang For Your Buck

So how can you grow your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional and more expensive methods used? In order to build your business online, you need to promote yourself as an expert in a particular field of real estate.  

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For instance, luxury homes, commercial properties, investor fix-ups or first time home buyers. In order to do that you have to get your online leads to know, like and trust you, right?   Well, in the real estate business that takes a lot of patience, persistence and time to nurture every one of your leads in ways that will not bore them and turn them off.

Why You May Need Another Site

On any given day, you are competing with over $1,060,000 websites on search engines. Many, if not most, brokerages provide a company IDX website to every agent and although these sites are mainly designed for buyers looking through listings, they do have their limitations. These limitations in their design and flexibility.  

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There’s nothing that says you cannot have a separate but closely related site that links to it. This site will in essence act as your marketing hub from which you provide great content that gets ranked on search engines which in turns increases your visibility and identifies you as a pro in your region and field of expertise.  

Email marketing for Real estate

Using content marketing strategies you can dramatically boost your level of organic (i.e. FREE) traffic and subsequently your subscriber leads.   There’s a reason why WordPress sites are so widely popular. In a word, flexibility!

There are a thousand different beautiful themes you can choose from. The same number of plug-ins which give you unlimited functionality and marketing prowess working behind the scenes to draw those leads into your own business funnel and/or email list.

Wrapping It Up…

So whether you already have an existing business or product or you’d like to build an online business for affiliate marketing, you can’t go wrong. The training is top notch and very well-organized. They will walk you through the process of building and promoting your WordPress site step-by-step.

Here’s a word of advice though. Don’t skip around. Stick with the training so that you’ll know you’re building a strong foundation first and not missing anything.

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