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Real Estate Agent Tools: Automation Boost Sales

It doesn’t take long to realize that like any other hourly job, most real estate agents rely solely on their own efforts. That’s always the case for solo agents but less so when you start to build a team of agents around you. Now you’re leverage other people’s efforts to build your business. That’s how all businesses work and it’s smart.

But what if you don’t have a team? Then what? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can leverage your own efforts to work for you on autopilot exponentially.

GetResponse for real estate agents is an all-in-one platform that gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to build your customer base and nurture your leads. It will integrate with over 100 systems and CRMs.

If you’re just starting out and don’t already have a CRM you’re happy with, then Get Response also offers a built-in-CRM that is visually designed so you can easily drag and drop leads from one stage or drip campaign to another and they progress through over time. 

Importing Leads

You can convert your website visitors into active leads through a series of action-oriented mail drip campaign.  The GetResponse autoresponder feature super advanced tools let you decide where to send a lead based on his/her actions or inaction.  This does take a little time to plan and set up but the good news is, you do it only once and the rest runs on autopilot.

So for instance, lead comes into your website, sign-in and sets up a custom search. Great but now what?  Well, if they’ve provided a valid phone number, then I would suggest you call, introduce yourself and identify if they are a buyer or a seller. 

If no phone, then your only option is an email drip campaign. The best email campaigns are highly targeted, not general in nature. 

Using GetResponse you can import info into a list that you set up. You could simply call it, “Website Leads”.  You could import a whole list at once or one-by-one. Then using the Integration tools, you can set up any new leads that come into your site to also be automatically imported into your GetResponse list without so much as lifting a finger.

Using GetResponse’s Integration tools you can easily connect to your CRM so that new leads are automatically added. See Integrate Your Systems.

TIP: The default template for creating a contact only includes Name and Email. But you can customize the import form to include a mobile phone number. Also, keep in mind that If you’d like to be able to target leads by price, region, etc. then include that information with each of your current and future leads when you import them.


Next, set up your email drip campaigns. Now, you should set up three different campaigns, and this is easy to do. One campaign for each group…

  • Ready to buy now (within 60 days) drip
  • 3- 6 months drip
  • Tire kickers or no reply drip

When crafting email campaigns in the GetResponse autoresponder page, you’ll notice that you’re actually crafting a newsletter using any one of a thousand very professional looking templates, making you look like a pro.

Email marketing for Real estate
Ready To Use Real Estate Email Marketing

This is FAR BETTER than just a simple email because you can include beautiful images, themes, buttons and links to relevant blogs you’ve got on your site, your mobile app or link back to your website for a specific search you’ve set up.

Initially, all your leads will start from the TireKicker drip campaign. There’s a method to how often should you send out an email to a lead and I’ll get into that later.

The first email from your Tire Kicker campaign should say “Thanks for visiting our website” then say something like, “I’ve got a quick question for you” and ask the lead for more info in one of two ways…

Include a link to a short multiple-choice survey that will give you the opportunity to ask more questions and get a better handle on this lead. No more than 10 questions maximum.

Better yet, you can simply ask them…”I see that you’re looking at purchasing real estate. Which one of these better fits your timeframe? 

Include BUTTONS that link to other drip campaigns depending on their answers so that GR knows what to do with each lead. So if they click on…

“I’m ready to purchase as soon as I find what I want, certainly between now and 60 days.” That lead will automatically be funneled into an email drip specifically for your “ready to buy” leads.

If they click “Ready to purchase within the next three to six months” then these guys will be funneled into your 3-6 Months Drip campaign.

For those that do not bother replying, you can simply keep them on the Tire Kicker drip campaign.

Keep in mind, a large percentage won’t bother replying. I consider those “tire-kickers”. Your main goal is to weed out the few that are serious and planning to act while nurturing the rest until they are ready to act. So, within your tire kicker phase, be sure to periodically ask them the same question again.

Using GetResponse you can funnel each lead based on their reply separating the chaff from the wheat. That way you’re no longer wasting time on those who are not ready to act any time soon.

Think about having all this working for you on autopilot. How many hours does that free up for you every day to pursue and work with serious buyers/sellers. 

What to include in your drip campaigns.

Using GetResponse, you can easily create beautiful landing pages using over 1000 stock images. Here are some ideas:

  • Email a video walk-through of a listing you’d like to feature.
  • Provide in-depth information about your or your brokerage’s real estate listings or just highlight just a few of them. 
  • Include beautiful interior photos, video walkthroughs, school information and other similar nearby listings.
  • Periodically include a questionnaire using buttons they can easily click on. 
  • Create drip campaigns with information about home inspections, financing, and closings.
  • Include relevant videos and no, they don’t have to be yours. 
  • Be sure to include relevant articles and your blogs, links to your branded buyer/seller guides, mobile app, etc.

You can also run a search on your website for reduced-price listings in your city then include the link so they can go directly to the most up to date list.

Using RSS feeds you can automatically include articles and blogs from various sources.

Build Your List With Off-Line Leads

So for instance, visitors attending your open house event can register directly to your GetResponse contact list from your tablet or iPad. 

During the registration set-up process, you can auto-assign them directly into your TireKicker campaign. 

Better yet…If you really want to get fancy, set up an instant response saying, “Hey, thanks for coming to our open house. It was so nice to meet you…here’s more info about 123 Edgar St,”

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I would also include the same buttons mentioned earlier and they’ll be filters to the appropriate drip campaign automatically. Nice huh?!

You can also display QR codes for the listing that will send them directly to your website.

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Running on AutoPilot

Setting up email drip on a schedule is easy using the calendar layout. It’s a monthly calendar displaying each day that you have an email drip set for. So it’s super easy to see where you have gaps that need to be filled in and where you need to plug-in some variety.

Send autoresponders on a customized schedule in advance. 

Send messages triggered when contacts open specific emails or click links inside emails.

Design campaigns that update distribution lists with new contacts, location changes and more.

Communicate With Style

internet online marketing; email marketing

Using GetResponse’s creative tools, you can really dress up your messages and landing pages with images, your logos, graphic elements, text boxes, and video.

Using the image editor you can adjust real estate images. 

Using the one-click inbox preview feature lets you see how your messages will look in different browsers, platforms, mobile phones and email programs. 

Keep Them Engaged With…

Designer templates for holidays, seasons and special offers are quick and easy to put together. 

Include social buttons that lets your clients and leads share your landing pages and newsletters with others through social media channels.

GetResponse automatically resizes to fit any device including mobile, with their responsive email design – an industry first.  

Therefore, you can create campaigns with the confidence that emails will automatically adjust to fit any size screen.  

Automating Tools

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be complicated. GetResponse marketing automation are based on communication workflows and reacts to your leads activity.

You set up Conditions, Filters, and Actions using visual blocks. This makes it easy to identify each. You can customize every aspect of communication:

  • Identify lead actions that trigger the process
  • Tell GetResponse when to send the message (instant, day one, two, etc.)
internet marketing online, email online marketing

In the screen shot above, the blue diamonds, orange dots and dark squares each represent a Condition, Filter or Action. The colored squiggly lines connect them, making it easy to keep track of:

  • How many recipients you want to reach.
  • What content to deliver (lead page, video, blog, etc.)

Now you can trigger every action or event based on the individual activities and properties of your leads. All you have to do is drag and drop the specific elements, adjust the details then join the dots to connect a sequence of actions.

Using automation, you can now address your leads more personally than ever before by writing custom messages based on each leads’ stage from cold, to warm to hot leads.

You can assign multiple TAGS to treat groups of leads in their own special way. For instance, you could have a TAG for First Home Buyer, Seller, or Resale/Buyer. Using TAGS you can organize customer lists and target your leads more precisely.

You can also use the automation tool to convert casual website visitors, engage with leads actively searching on your site, track and analyze behavior on your website.

Tracking Your Performance

GetResponse has tracking features that let you monitor each of your campaign’s performance. 

The A/B testing tool instantly creates a duplicate of your landing page where you can then make as much or as little adjustments as you like. So, say that you’re torn between two different headlines and are not sure which one will work best.

Using the A/B testing tool, you can use both and track which headline gets the most clicks and/or opens. You can do the same with colors, logos, layout, etc.

GetResponse lets you monitor email campaign performance with real time updates as the results come in.

You can also create targeted campaigns for contacts based on location, interest and demographics. 

The scoring model will allow you to identify your most active leads and identify those whose activities are dropping off.

Built-In CRM

Visual sales pipeline where you collect, nurture and sale all in one place. Easy to use drag and drop interface.

By managing your lead relationships using your own predefined stages (Cold Lead, Warm Lead, 30-60 Days, 90 Days, 6 Months +), you can easily see which of your leads is ready for you to connect with at key touch points in your sales funnel.

The CRM lets you keep all of the lead information in one place. Adding more information for each lead is easy, simply define lead owner, closing date and deal value.

Now you can easily sort and track your leads performance and spot the hottest leads at a glance. Then simply drag and drop the lead forward in your pipeline.

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You can also add tasks, notes and reminders to stay on top of your daily sales and nurturing activities.

Integration With Your Existing Systems & Platforms

You can manage real estate marketing lists using GetResponse tools integrated with popular platforms and software.

  • Consolidate contacts from digital files and many different types of contact management programs.
  • Explore the App Center for 100+ free API Integrations with popular CRM, CMS and social platforms.
  • Using GetResponse API key you can also build your own integration.

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Well, from one real estate agent to another, I sure hope I gave you plenty to get excited about. Automating your email marketing sure makes life easier and for you personally, really reduced a lot of stress.

As my business started to grow I was really getting stressed out trying to stay on top of everything. After setting it all up, I can relax, knowing its working 24/7 for me and I’m staying in contact with the leads that identify themselves as serious buyers and/or sellers. It’s easy to monitor in GetResponse as well.

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