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Online Marketing Strategy – Automate Your Way To Success!

So, you’ve got some traffic going and even started building up your email list. So how in the world do you build up an online marketing strategy that will get your subscribers/leads communicating with you? Give them each targeted information they are looking for!

In other words, you provide visually stunning content that asks them one specific question. To reply to the question, they simply click on one of two buttons. It could be as simple as YES or NO buttons. 

Get Response Landing Page

Depending on which button they click on, your system set-up will automatically filter every lead into another campaign, lead page, a blog, a video, etc. Now you are providing your leads with the targeted information they want to see and read about. 

GetResponse tools help you easily funnel each lead based on their reply separating the chaff from the wheat. That way you’re no longer wasting time on those who are not ready to act any time soon.

Using the Autoresponder lets you some super advanced tools that let you decide where to send a lead based on his/her actions or inaction. So, if they don’t reply at all, there’s an action for that as well.

internet marketing online, email online marketing

In most cases, it just means you keep them on the same email drip campaign until they do take an action in the future.

This does take a little time to plan and set up but boy is it worth it! The good news is, you do it only once and the rest runs on autopilot.

Already have a list? Using GetResponse you can import the contact name and email info into a list that you set up. You could simply call it, “Website Leads”.  

You can also import a whole list at once or one-by-one.  With the Integration tools, you can easily connect to your CRM so that new leads are automatically added. See Integrate Your Systems.

Not Just An Email…

When crafting email campaigns in the GetResponse autoresponder page, you’ll notice that you’re actually crafting a newsletter using any one of a thousand different very professional looking templates.  You can build on the templates or delete elements simply by dragging and dropping on or off. 

internet online marketing; email marketing

This is far more than just a simple email because you can include beautiful images, themes, buttons and links to relevant blogs you’ve got on your site, your mobile app, videos or invite them to a webinar using GetResponse webinar tools.

Another added feature is the Spam Filter alert which lets you make needed adjustments to guarantee your email hits their inbox.

Keep in mind, a large percentage won’t bother replying. I consider those “tire-kickers”. But, your main goal is to weed out the few that are serious and planning to act while nurturing the rest until they are ready to act. 

Think about having all this working for you on autopilot. How many hours a day/week or month do you currently spend on sending emails, videos, and setting up webinars to keep your current leads engaged?

Heck! This is the age of the internet and if you can get it all set up and running on autopilot without having to spend hours doing it yourself or even pay someone else to do it for you, why wouldn’t you? Think about having this all placed on autopilot. How much time will that free up for you every day?

What To Include In Your Drip Campaigns

You can easily create visually stunning landing pages using over 1000 stock images.

In-depth information about you, your website goals, training programs or products and services you offer.

Periodically include a questionnaire using buttons they can easily click on that will filter them to more targeted information they want.

Create drip campaigns with information about your industry. Include relevant videos and no, they don’t have to be your own. So if your camera shy, no worries.

Building Your List With Off-Line Leads, Too

So for instance, you’re participating in a trade show and visitors to your booth can easily register directly to your leads list right from your tablet or iPad. 

Internet online marketing, email marketing online

Better yet…If you really want to get fancy, set up an instant response saying, “Hey, thanks for coming to XYZ Trade Show and visiting us.  It was so nice to meet you…here’s more info about us and our product.” I would also include the same buttons mentioned earlier and they’ll be filters to the appropriate drip campaign automatically. Nice huh?!

Setting up email drip on a schedule is easy using GetResponse calendar layout. It’s a monthly calendar displaying each day that you have an email drip set for. So it’s super easy to see where you have gaps that need to be filled in and where you need to plug-in some variety.

  • Send autoresponders on a customized schedule in advance. 
  • Send messages triggered when contacts open specific emails or click links inside emails.
  • Design campaigns that update distribution lists with new contacts, location changes and more.

Communicate With Style

Internet email marketing; online marketing

Using GetResponse creative tools, you can really dress up your messages and landing pages with images, your logos, graphic elements, text boxes and video.

Using the image editor you can adjust real estate images. 

Using the one-click inbox preview feature lets you see how your messages will look in different browsers, platforms, mobile phones and email programs. 

Keep Them Engaged With…

Designer templates for holidays, seasons and special offers. 

Include social buttons that helps spread the word about you by letting your leads and customers share your landing pages and newsletters with others through social media channels.

Automatically resizes to fit any device including mobile, with their responsive email design – an industry first.  Therefore, you can create campaigns with the confidence that emails will automatically adjust to fit any size screen.

Tracking Your Performance

Internet marketing online; email marketing; online marketing

GetResponse has tracking features that let you monitor each of your campaign’s performance. 

The A/B testing tool instantly creates a duplicate of your landing page where you can then make as much or as little adjustments as you like. So, say that you’re torn between two different headlines and are not sure which one will work best.  

Using the A/B testing tool, you can use both and track which headline gets the most clicks and/or opens. You can do the same with colors, logos, layout, etc.  

Lets you monitor email campaign performance with real-time updates as the results come in.  

You can also create targeted campaigns for contacts based on location, interest, and demographics.

Integrate Your Systems

You can also manage your online marketing using GetResponse tools integrated with popular platforms and software so they work seamlessly together:

  • Consolidate contacts from digital files and many different types of contact management programs.
  • Explore the App Center for 100+ free API Integrations with popular CRM, CMS, and social platforms.

Get more information on all of the products and features that you can use to skyrocket your online marketing success, save you loads of time and money. Get your 40% discount offer when you use this link to visit GetResponse.

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