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Need A Legit Way To Make Money Online Fast?

Need To Make Legit Money Online?

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. A huge amount of time is spent on research to make sure you have the best information, tips & strategies here. Hope you don’t mind a little reciprocation in return. Thanks!

Are you looking for a legitimate method of building income quickly? Consider Launch Jacking. Launch Jacking is an online marketing strategy whereby you take advantage of a new product launch.

The primary goal is to be among the first to write a product review in order to generate traffic to your site and commission using your affiliate link.

When a new product is launched there is always a lot of buzz and lots of people searching for the item online. This is mostly for Internet marketing niche products.

How It Works

In a nutshell, you literally hijack the search engine for that particular product name which results in TONS of traffic to your review blog. You can literally generate tons of affiliate cash doing this all day long. Not to mention boosting your site ranking really fast. Excited yet? You can do this with any product launch in any niche or industry. 

Through launch jacking, your site can quickly achieve very high Google rankings for the search query of a certain popular product that has just been launched. The trick is to be the first. It’s quite literally a race to the top!

For Example

Say you identify a product launch that has some name recognition to it. So, this product is going to be launched in a month. There’s a lot that goes into setting everything up ahead of time so be sure to allow at least three weeks. 

Here’s what’s involved:

  • A domain name using the product name
  • A landing page or site exclusively devoted to the product, nothing else.
  • Your Affiliate Link
  • Your product review
  • Pre-launch and post-launch marketing plan.

Setting Up

Make your landing page as unique as possible. Don’t just copy another launch jacking site exactly. Here’s a good example.

  • Build up the content (you can outsource this)
  • Check on your backlinks (you can outsource this)
  • Check on your competition’s rankings
  • Include the product owner and/or brand names in all of your content

You should set up a landing page with a custom domain URL as a review site one product at a time. Purchase these as soon as you receive your affiliate link. Don’t delay!

Let’s say the product name we want to promote is Winning State of Mind. Below are some possible URLs variations:

  • winningstateofmind.net
  • winningstateofmind.org
  • williningstateofmindbonus.com
  • winningstateofmindreview.com


  • Winning State of Mind
  • Winning State of Mind Review
  • Winning State of Mind Bonus
  • Dean Grazioski (authors name)
  • Dean Grazioski Winning State of Mind

The domain name must contain the main search term or product name you want to hijack. This could be the products name, the author of the product (if recognizable) or the company name.

Grab this $1.99 audiobook written by Fred Lam. Fred is A young visionary Fred Lam, who quite literally went from rags to riches; formerly a dishwasher, he has generated $20 million in revenue. In this audiobook he reveals the 5-step system he used and that allowed ordinary people just like you, quickly set up and launch e-commerce businesses in any niche making over $30 million in sales.

Set Your Marketing Plan

Create Trailers – You can use iMovie to produce quick and easy trailers to promote your site.

Social Media Pages – You can create a Facebook page or Pinterest Board and post stories to further generate more traffic to your site or landing page.

Your Affiliate Links – Make sure to place your affiliate links at prime locations within your content. A good rule of thumb is placing 3-4 links within the review and one at the end alongside a bonus offer.

Finding Products To Promote

Affiliate sites are the best places to find products for launch jacking. So sites like: 


Best is Evergreen launches that are high ticket items. Many launches are a short period of time so you have to throw everything at it to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

However, evergreen products have long-lasting power that can generate a very nice income for you over the long haul. It also gives you more time to build up more content for your product launch jacket site.

What Is JV?

Joint Venture is a method for businesses to promote their products by partnering up with other businesses and/or affiliates. Together they work to achieve a common goal, namely product sales, brand recognition or build affiliate partnerships.

The most common of these sites is JVNewsWatch which has forums and publishes a calendar up new and upcoming product launches you can grab early on.

It’s up to you to do your own research as the site does not provide very much in terms of information about each product other than a small sales pitch. A good tip is to look for big names and recognizable names behind the products.

Which Products? 

You can also look for products outside of internet marketing niche such as Health & Wellness, Financial offers (stocks/forex/options), self-help, e-commerce. Literally, any niche is covered

  • Are giveaways and bonus offers valuable?
  • Are there any review sites out there?
  • Higher Ticket Items
  • Backend upsells & recurring
  • Look for popular keywords in the product name or creators name
  • Identify a product launch that has a lot of other AF marketers interested.
  • Purchase product related domain names you think people will search for.
  • Is the Product Owner / Brand name in demand?
  • Is it a new product or a re-launch?
  • Do they have a big forum page? Will drive a lot of demand.
  • Do they list JV partners on board (google this)?

Finding Products

Looking For A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Below are some great sites that will help you in your search for the “golden ticket” product launch. Take some time to familiarize yourself with one or two of them first before jumping in.

Keep in mind that new products are always launching all the time. So there’s no lack of choices. Better to choose carefully and get it right the first time. Rinse and repeat.

Determining Which Products Are Worth Promoting

First and foremost, the numbers have to make sense. Consider the following: 

  • Cost of the product?
  • Cost of upsells?
  • How many upsells?
  • Low end? High end?
  • Recurring Commissions?
  • Time put into build vs outsourcing backlinks, etc. 
  • How many sales do you need to make to break even?
  • How many sales do you need to make a profit?

Stick to high ticket items. Just jump in and go after the most competitive offers because there’s a lot of demand and searches in Google so you will get some of that by default.

Good to spend the equivalent of the cost of one sale on your marketing efforts for the product. So go for higher-end products that are more worthwhile. 

Adding Content To Your Launch Jacket Site

It’s important you build up content on each of your product sites. People will often read more than one review on a product before purchasing. So do your research and give them as much information as possible. Don’t come off as just a sales pitch, better to maintain a more unbiased stance giving them the good, the bad and the ugly.

Not all products are worth it. Some are terrible. If after your research you’ve determined the product is junk, then segway into an alternative instead.

If you’re brave, ask the author for a quick interview and record it. This will really go a long way towards helping you stand out and boost the chances of a sale.

If you’re short on time or not great at writing you can hire a freelance writer. You can buy several blogs and drip them over several days.

Outsourcing Sites:

  • Fiverr
  • Odesk
  • Freelancer
  • Textbroker
  • iWriter

When hiring content writers with a large amount of content, better to split it up among three or four people rather than just one person. 

  • Stay within your budget!
  • Test each outsourcer – Use several different ones
  • Don’t buy big packages! $30-$40 for each outsourcer is good.
  • WickedFire.com – There’s a buy/sell/trade area
  • BlackHatWorld.com – for backlinks, blog content, etc.
  • Freelancer.com – For outsourcing links. Some offers include $103 for 50 backlinks that can be spread out to 2 or 3 launch sites.
  • ADS30.COM – Higher Cost, Higher Quality

3 Tips For Ranking Your Launch Jacket Site Fast 

  • Choose the right domain names carefully.
  • Your content must be unique.
  • Make sure your backlinks are working well.
  • Use keywords in blogs and reviews and also popular name or product names.
  • If the product is brand new, look up the author’s name.

Outsourcing Backlinks

Another method to turbocharge your site’s ranks very quickly is by building backlinks. Normally, this happens naturally over time. However, the key to a successful launch jacking is to rank high and fast right out of the gate.

Backlinks must be quick, you can’t wait long time for those backlinks to kick in. The disadvantages to building up your own backlinks are:

  • Takes up too much time
  • Need to build your own private blog network
  • Very difficult to keep up with everything
    • graphic design
    • videos
    • posts
    • watch how your ranking
    • are you making any sale

Don’t use the same outsourcing provider for all of your sites. Google could severely penalize you!  Spread the money around to different outsourcers from different sites and you’ll rank high on Google.

For a long launch period, you can also boost your site and use Press Release/Social Bookmarks.

Keeping Track Of Backlinks

You can keep track of where your backlinks are coming from as well as your competitors at ahrefs.com

You can see where your competitors links are coming from. If they are ranking higher than you, go into their blogs and find out which products they are promoting. Then you can decide to sign up as affiliate for that same product.

SEO Ranking Sites

Unique Article Wizard – Great job for websites and blogs but not as effective for Launch Jacking

SeNuke / Linkbuilding Softwares – same as UAW takes too much time (4-6 weeks to get indexed by Google)

Utilizing PBN Services / Trading Links (better because you need to be fast when launch jacking)

YouTube videos (not as good when launch jacking is very, very competitive) worth testing it though

Press Releases: PRWeb.com (it does work with launch jacket but when it gets too competitive it moves down the list)

Last But Not Least…

Launch jacket is a very effective, although underutilized, method of generating very nice cash flow. During my own research, I read many stories of how online bloggers and marketers are earning a commission of $10, $20, $30 thousand or more in just the first few days/weeks of the product launch. How did they do it? They planned ahead and made certain they had everything in place and ready to go on launch day.

When you’re just starting out, apply for as many affiliate links connected to product launches as you can. Why? Because you’ll likely be turned down by the majority of them because your new and have no history with them. Don’t give up! Just keep doing it for as many as possible.

Keeping Track

The easiest way to keep track of product launch dates is by using an online calendar such as Google calendar.

You can also color-code each product launch to indicate which ones you’ve applied to and which ones you have an affiliate link for at a glance.

In your calendar, you want to label the “event” with the product name, copy and paste the link provided by the product author for all info about the product you’ll need and don’t forget to copy and paste the URL to your affiliate link when approved (you’ll receive an email letting you know).

After you’ve been approved and provided with an affiliate link go back to the product info page. Look for the contact information of the authors and contact them.

Simply tell them you want to promote their product launch and ask for a review copy. Using a review copy is critical to your success and helps build out your landing page content. It also gives some legitimacy to your review.


There’s no denying that there are some costs involved in setting these things up, but they are minimal. These can include:

  • the cost of domain name(s)
  • web hosting
  • outsourcing costs
  • online advertising costs

Practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to make thousands in your first try. There is a learning curve involved here but it takes only a short time to discover the strategy that works best for you. Then you simply rinse and repeat. With each attempt, you’ll get much better, quickly and be well on your way to those nice commission checks in your PayPal account.

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So what do you think? Have you ever considered launch jacking before? Is this something you’d seriously consider trying? Let me know below.

4 Replies to “Need To Make Legit Money Online?”

  1. Great information. I’ve used JVZoo when looking for products. Another place I go to for digital marketing products to review and promote is WarriorPlus and WarriorJV. Yeah, you do have to weed through the product offerings, but you can find some really good ones. Also, it lists when they will launch. If you know what you’re looking for and are familiar with the product owners, then it’s a good place to go. No matter what source you use to find affiliate products, my only suggestion is to use the products. Fake reviews are easy to spot and won’t work anymore.

    1. Hi Chris, JVZoo is one of the top most popular places to search for upcoming product launches. I try to stick with products within my niche. You’re right, using the product first gives you an upper hand in that you’ll be able to offer a deeper insight into the product itself. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Great review!

    Launch jacket certainly sounds interesting. I’ve been competing for rankings with a few of these kinds of websites so I know it can be effective but personally, I’d rather have a website dedicated to a bit broader niche because I think it makes it easier to build up your brand.

    Definitely a good concept for people that want to make money online though!

    1. Hi Rogier, Thanks for the feedback. There are two schools of thought on having a broader niche or not. The more general your niche topic is, the more competition you’ll always come up against. Whereas the argument for a tight niche is far less competition makes it easier to get to the top. I go back and forth on these too, to be fair.

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