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Killer Assumptions To Your E-Course Business Success

Killer Assumptions To Your E-Course Business Success

Well, it took nearly two years of my life to finally hear the truth. That elusive answer to how to succeed online. I’m giving it to you here and now so you don’t waste time and money spinning your wheels any longer. There’s only one sure way to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site and it may not be what you want to hear. Let’s start by addressing the most common assumptions most of make.

Free YT videos will not lead to your success. 

We all have assumed this at one point or another, haven’t we? I thought I could figure it all out myself by watching hours worth of YouTube videos. To be fair, many times I did come across some problem solving answer but the real question to online success still eluded me.

Consider an olympic marathon runner. Do you think they got there by watching youtube videos? No. Mega olympic stars like Micheal Phelps (olympic swimmer) became world champion swimmer winning 23 gold medals, won because he closely followed his coach’s step by step routine. 

Do you think he could have achieved such success if he relied solely on free YouTube videos? So, the investing in a quality teaching program is worth the investment in time AND money if it gets you to a higher level of success.

Treating E-commerce based business models and content based models the same.

E-Commerce is product based sold through a shopping cart online.  Whereas, a content based models is sold through sales pages that leads to more information in the form of a course online.

Can an e-commerce business use a content based business model? Not typically but there may be some exceptions to this.  For instance, if your product requires some form of education behind it.  

Can a content based business model use an e-commerce system? You may have some success, however, you’ll have massive results if you follow the right system. 

Follow The Right System

Content based models are made for informational products. So, if you want to sell e-courses, then you should follow a content based business model. 

Whereas, e-commerce stores are specifically designed for products. If you want to sell physical products, then you should follow an e-commerce based model. 

Thinking you can’t sell something that’s already available. 

Actually the opposite is true. The fact that it’s already out there actually improves your chances of success because it proves there’s a need for it. There’s already a niche of people looking for that specific training. You see, it’s so much easier to improve on a successful selling product than it is to create something new. 

The real question you should be asking yourself is “How can I make this better?”. That’s exactly how Amazon took over every niche they added. They didn’t reinvent the wheel, they improved on it instead. 

Waiting To Jump In Until “Your Ready”

Half of success is recognizing an opportunity and jumping on it. Waiting for that once in a lifetime opportunity to strike when you know it will never come. 

When looking for ideas for your next online course, do your homework! Look for the most popular courses, take one or two of them and take note of areas that could be improved upon. How can you make it better? Better graphics, explainer videos and/or charts perhaps. Take it to the next level and it will sell like hotcakes. Another really good source of information is through the comments. Look and see what others are saying about the course, its strength and weaknesses.

Believing your blog will drive enough traffic to your site.

Boy, did I fall for that one! I spent nearly 16 months building up a blog site, like this one, one blog at a time. I did all the SEO stuff a non-expert can do, chose my keywords carefully, etc. After a year of staying stuck in Google’s search ranking, I gave up for a while. For the life of me I just couldn’t figure out how other people where driving so much traffic to their sites. It was a closely guarded secret, that’s for sure.

Here’s the truth of the matter. The most effective way to send traffic to your site, cheaply, is by building a YouTube audience. Trust me, there’s no other way around it unless you’re willing to throw money at online ads. Build it, and they will come! Probably not right away, but stick with it and it will slowly build up some momentum.

Here’s a tip most people don’t realize. You won’t actually start seeing big audience views on your videos until you’ve hit the 100 mark. Once you go beyond 100 videos in your channel, all that momentum you worked so hard to build starts to bring results. But don’t stop there because you’re just getting started.

Case In Point

Channel: But First Coffee started in 2014. She currently has 496K subscribers. Here’s a breakdown to her video uploads over the years.

  • Year 1 (2014) 9 videos
  • Year 2 – 26 videos
  • Year 3 – 39 videos
  • Year 4 – 41 videos
  • Year 5 – 39 videos
  • Year 6 – 35 videos
  • To Date (2020) 57 videos as of September 12, 2020.

She slowly built up her audience over time. But, I’m guessing it’s a safe bet to say that the biggest boost in traffic to her channel happened this year. The fact that she dramatically ramped up her video publishing this year, is also confirmation of that fact. She didn’t hit the 100 video mark until the end of year four. That’s the really slow way of doing it.

You Don’t Have To Wait Years

Want to know how the seven figure income earners make it online within a year? They set up their YouTube channel and post EVERY SINGLE DAY and sometimes twice a day. Don’t believe me? Go check it out for yourself and see when their channel was created and how many videos they have on there.

Affiliate marketers like John Crestani post daily, sometimes twice a day. Why do you think they put so much time and effort into YouTube videos? Because it generates traffic to your site, brand like no other!

Your videos don’t have to be long drawn out movies. The most popular ones tend to be between 5-10 mins. in general. Camera shy? Get over it! People want to know you’re a real person, so hiding behind those animated drawing videos isn’t going to do you any favors. If you believe in yourself and your business, you shouldn’t be shy about it. Shyness never made a dollar for anyone.

Don’t have a product or website yet? Build your audience first is the key ingredient to any successful product launch. In so doing, you’re building your brand and trust between you and your subscribers. So when you’re ready to announce your product, you already have a ready and willing audience in hand. But before you announce your product launch, use your YouTube channel to build up your email list by offering freebies in exchange for their email.

This is true of any business you run. Whether it’s e-commerce or e-courses, YouTube is your golden ticket to success online. The number of YouTube searches is poised to rival that of Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. It’s like an ocean full of fish, so dive in!

Few Things Worthwhile Come Easily

I’ve avoided the camera too! Although I’m no stranger to video editing, I much prefer to hide behind the lens. But that has to change. So, I’m going to do run my own experiment. You see, I have a YouTube channel called Real2Designs, which is named after my ETSY e-commerce shop.

Your Two Cents

Have you fallen victim to any of these assumptions? Share your own experiences with us here.

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