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Is Internet Jetset Good For Beginners? Review

Name: Internet Jetset
Price: 12 Week Course $997; Plus Membership Fee $49/month plus optional add ons

Owners: John Crestani
Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

Who is Internet Jetset For? Intermediate and up.

Customer Service Response Time:   3 out of 5

Organization 5 of 5

Step by step training  2.5 out of 5

Easy for beginners 2 out of 5

Research Tools: 2 out of 5

Interactive Built-In-Communcity Support: 0 (Facebook Membership only)

Keyword Research Tool  – Adwords Keyword only

Website Building Instruction Rating: 3 out of 5 Setting up a Word Press site using themes was course would be a bit confusing for beginners unfamiliar with WordPress.



This is review is limited to the paid membership access of Internet Jetset and does not include the $997 Super Affiliate 12-week course upgrade.

I started with Internet Jetset in March 2018 and one of the first things it instructed me to do was to sign up to another affiliate marketing training called MOBE which stood for My Online Business Education. Their training structure was far more appealing to me than Internet Jetset.

MOBE focused mainly on Top Tier Affiliate Marketing which is essentially selling high ticket items as an affiliate to earn much higher commissions.  John Crestani was highlighted as one of the top tier, seven-figure earners in the program.

Needless to say, getting started in this program starts at $2500. In June 2018, the company was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission with no prior warning. Therefore, it’s unlikely that John Crestani promotes MOBE any longer.

Internet Jetset Tools & Training

The basic membership course includes modules listed below:

Within each module are 3 -5 videos followed by an exercise or quiz.

Internet Jetset Product Overview

Training within each module varies in terms of clarity and usability. What I mean by that is because each of the modules mainly relies on video, some presenters are better at demonstrating a “how to” than others.

Many times I found myself grasping some things but completely lost on others which were frustrating.  For instance, the module on setting up your first WordPress website is very good.

At the time, I knew nothing about WordPress but now that I’ve had more hands-on experience with it, I can gain more from that module than I did the first time.

There’s are some advanced techniques they show you, but if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing in general, I suggest you hold off on these. One such module is “Launch Jacking”.

Launch Jacking is an online marketing strategy whereby you take advantage of new product launches to write up reviews of each particular item in order to attract online customers.

The trick is to find new products or relaunch of popular products with future launch dates and quickly secure a domain name using the product name ahead of others doing the same thing.

Those familiar with RichJerk training, back in 2015, will recognize the weird interruptions like, “Hey Loser, wake up! There’s an Asian talking.” or antagonizing ones like, “Hey Moron, this is the most important part!”. These are laced throughout the Launch Jacking module video course.

In fact, even back then John Crestani appeared as one of five “RJ Advisers”, trainers within RichJerk platform. Personally, those “interruptions” got old fast and became annoying at best. But that’s just me.

Weekly Webinars

John Crestani does contact you daily via Facebook messaging and email, offering live webinars weekly, often featuring a third-party vendor product that typically ends up being a sales pitch in the end.

However, Crestani does have live webinar training sessions once a week where members get the opportunity to ask questions. Most of his own products are centered around health but like many affiliate marketers, he has his fingers in many different pots.

Web Hosting

Although many of the video training do a fairly good job of demonstrating how to create a WordPress site, again you’re forced to leave the site. Same goes for finding and purchasing a domain name, keyword research, and web hosting. To be fair, that’s the case with most training systems, Except for this all-in-one platform.

Super Affiliate System

The 12 Week Super Affiliate System is available for an additional purchase of $997. It covers more advanced features of affiliate marketing, tools, setup, copywriting, research methods, optimization, mindset, networking & coding, Facebook ads, Native advertising, and scaling media.

The program is designed to get your first quick and dirty affiliate review website up and running.  It also includes six bonuses:

  • 10 Recorded coaching sessions
  • Creating Your Custom Audience (Facebook)
  • Blacklist sites
  • Whitelist sites
  • Landing pages
  • Ads Swipe Files

His methods center mostly around Pay Per Click advertising methods including but not limited to Facebook ads.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

The program is fairly well organized into modules and then video instruction within each module. The courses are often video recordings of public presentations given by guest speakers.

PRO #1 The program’s courses are related to tips and techniques with paid advertising such as:

  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • YouTube
  • Native Ads

PRO #2 Courses also include topics such as optimization, scaling, outsourcing and finding affiliate products.
PRO #3 You’ll also have access to an active members Facebook page where you can post questions.

The Bad

CON #1 Copywriting course focuses mainly on creating landing pages and paid advertising. There’s not much emphasis on building a website with quality content.

CON #2 Main focus is on paid advertising methods, lead pages and promoting Amazon affiliate products.

CON #3: Webinars are frequently sales pitches for third party vendors.

The Ugly

I thought it would be good to know that there is some profanity-laced throughout some of the courses, titles and the videos but this might just play into the whole John Crestani “hillbilly” persona.

So for instance, in the Copywriting Course, the presenter, Ronnie Sandlin, has a nasty mouth and doesn’t shy away from it (or his political views either). The course titles include:

  • What is Copywriting?
  • The Blank Slate Mind Fuck Method
  • How To Hack People’s Trust
  • How To Create A Common Enemy In Your Copy
  • How to Speak To The Reptile Brain Inside Every Human For Massive ROI Bump

Is It Easy To Get Help?

Customer Service can be reached via email generally. It often takes them 24 hours to respond but they do respond. Another source for some answers in the private Facebook group.

However, the only opportunity for members to can ask Crestani questions directly is through the live weekly webinar. There was no immediate answer to “why isn’t this thing working?!” or “what did I do wrong?” that didn’t require another commitment of time searching for the answer.

Can You Try It For Free?

No, but I believe they offer a “limited time” trial at a reduced price. The basic membership costs $47/month and you can cancel anytime.

Is There A Keyword Research Tool?

No. They do show you how to use Google Adwords basic keyword research. Keyword research is incredibly critical to driving traffic to your online site and promotions! You will need much more advanced tools such as Jaaxy to help you uncover new niches.

Final Opinion of Internet Jetset Membership Program

Having gone through the modules and experienced many of his webinars, Crestani’s Internet Jetset system is a good program for many. Apart from the once a week webinar with Crestani himself, the other webinars he promotes are mainly third-party infomercials. Crestani makes the introduction then passes on the baton.

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One other note, when speaking with other newbies, Crestani always seemed bored and a bit impatient. Frankly, I don’t blame him but I wonder how many others may have noticed that as well and refrained from asking too many questions.

When I started, I was completely new and although the modules were informative to me, I found myself quickly lost as to where to start and what to do next.

There’s a lot of information that can get you feeling overwhelmed pretty quickly if you’re a newbie. Personally, I needed more hand-holding. However, for a self-starter whose had some intermediate experience building their own sites and marketing affiliate products, then the Internet Jetset System may be right up your alley.

Here’s Another Option

I did find the perfect balance between great training and lots of hand-holding along the way. The platform allows me to build my WordPress Sites without having to leave! Jumping from one site to another gets tiring real fast.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • FREE unlimited to try for as long as you like. No contracts.
  • 2 FREE Online Courses that cover everything from start up all the way to monetizing your site.
  • SEO Optimization package built-in with each of your WordPress sites.
  • 2 FREE WordPress Sites & Hosting
  • Access to JAAXY the optimal keyword search tool.

First, you start with a step-by-step platform for finding your niche, researching keywords, building your online business using WordPress sites, About me pages, organizing, choosing themes, etc.

From there it takes you into the world of SEO, building content, writing product reviews, using infographics, local marketing tips, creating your own products, affiliate marketing, and everything to do with online marketing. 

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Another feature they have that, quite frankly, I hadn’t seen anywhere else is 24/7 live forum. Needless to say, I get answers real fast now without me having to leave the site and visit a Facebook page.

So, I hope this was helpful to you. I know there are lots of other reviews out there but not specifically as it relates to newbies. Please leave a comment below and don’t be shy about what giving me your suggestions.

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