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Increase Website Traffic Free

Increase Website Traffic Free

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. A huge amount of time is spent on research to make sure you have the best information, tips & strategies here. Hope you don’t mind a little reciprocation in return. Thanks!

I tried many times to get an online business going but failed over and over. I tried using Wix and although my site looked pretty snazzy, hardly anyone outside of my family and friends would see it. I just couldn’t get it going and it was so frustrating because I worked so hard on it.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that building a website up is one thing. The question still remained unanswered, how do you generate a steady stream of website traffic? What good is a great looking website if no one was visiting it? I struggled with this for so long!

I’m going to show you here how and why it makes sense to use Wealthy Affiliate to start and build up your own online business. Had I found it earlier, it could have saved me hours, weeks, and months of time and frustration.

So, in an effort to do that for you, I put together a video demonstrating how just being an active member of Wealthy Affiliate not only makes sense from an SEO and website security sense but also hands you many ways you can consistently build up your web traffic right from the start.

Where It All Starts

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) isn’t just an online business training and web hosting platform. It’s so much more! When you begin to build your website, it’s built on Site Rubix, one of the most powerful website platforms in the world. It’s powered by Wealthy Affiliate which is an online marketing  training platform, a WordPress hosting site, and creators of JAAXY, a powerful keyword research tool.

Increase Website Traffic Free - Jaaxy Keyword search tool

Right from the FREE Startup program,  you can set up to two free WordPress sites, each complete with: 

  • SITE PLUS+ Speeds up your WP site without plugins
  • SITE SSL 256 Bit Encrypted Connections
  • SITE HEALTH Improves Site Ranking In All Search Engines
  • SITE COMMENTS Easily see & engage with comments on your site.
  • SITE FEEDBACK Give & take website feedback with the WA community.
  • SITE 24/7 SUPPORT Technical & community support 24/7
  • SITE SECURITY A suite of security systems protect your site(s) from hacking, botnet and malware.
  • SITE PROTECT Blocks spam at the server level
Increase Website Traffic Free - Wealthy Affiliate SitePlus+

WA compares well to ANY program out there within any industry, the competitive advantage is that it is completely free to start (no obligations) and it exceeds the quality of anything that is out there. No exaggeration needed since the proof is in the pudding. Try it for yourself now.

Their proprietary suite of website security is top-notch, keeping your website and content free of hackers, malware and botnet attacks.

Increase Website Traffic Free - Wealthy Affiliate Site SSL

It is an all-inclusive community (the hosting, the tools, the support, the personal help, the websites, the training, the live classes, the ambassadorship…and on and on. There are over 2 million members worldwide within WA. 

Increase Website Traffic Free - Wealthy Affiliate Features Included

Membership Platform

WA is not just a training and web hosting site. it consists of a huge community, nearly 2 million members worldwide, each at different levels in their journey to online success. 

Through WA active community you can quickly generate traffic and comments:

  • For Pinterest
  • For YouTube Videos
  • For Website
  • For Specific Blogs
  • For Product Reviews

WA understands that communication and support are so valuable to your online business success. That’s why they provide a platform where members easily and continually communicate with one another. There’s no need to go outside to find a Facebook group.

Right from your dashboard, you can see and interact with new members who have recently joined. You’ll also view new member posts and can post about your own achievements, challenges, etc. This is one of the most encouraging places you’ll ever find! 

Did I mention there are nearly 2 million members worldwide? To make it easier to find, member posts are divided up by topics or categories such as: 

  • Today’s Top 10 Posts
  • New Questions
  • New Blogs
  • Members That Are Ranking (ADD IMAGE)
  • Success Posts
  • Motivating Posts
  • Members Accomplishments
  • Hot Topics
  • Today’s Top 10 Training

WA gives you access to everything all in one place, right from your own dashboard.

Increase Website Traffic Free Everything you need to succeed in one place

Website Engagement Platform

What’s also great is that each time you complete a blog post to your site, you’re encouraged to share the URL with the community to generate traffic and comments on your site, a must-have for ranking. Watch the video to see how this actually works.

The community engagement platform works by employing a give and take philosophy. You comment on other members’ sites first, then share a link to your own for comments as well. 

Generating comments on your site are an excellent way to prove to Google your site is attracting visitors willing to engage with you. There’s no better way to get each one of your blogs up on page one of the search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate also has similar social media sharing sections that help you build up shares, followers, and subscribers to your Pinterest and YouTube accounts. With over a million members, this is an excellent way to grow your audience. You can easily follow members, have a conversation with them and build up friendships.

In fact, when you check out the intro video and if you choose to signup for the free account (highly recommended), I’ll be notified and reach out to you personally and encourage you to connect with me. 

As you become more active in the community, people will check out your profile. From there they can follow you, read and comment on your posts, and visit your website. Chances are high that they will in fact visit your website and thus you’re organically generating traffic to your site.

Increase Website Traffic Free


I show you what this thread actually looks like in the video. Here the rules are pretty simple. Comment directly on at least three websites and post your own URL to your newest blog at the top of the thread.

I generate A LOT of comments through this thread all of the time. I tend to comment on at least 5 other sites, knowing I’ll receive at least that much in return. 

Members are constantly posting links to their newest blogs from every imaginable niche you could think of. So it’s easy to find something that interests you. You simply scroll through the thread until you find a link to a blog you think you may like, click the link, read the blog and leave a comment.

When you’re done, you return to the thread and let the author know that you have left them a comment. Follow it up with, “Hey, if you’d like to return the favor, here’s a link to my blog. Thanks!”

With so many active members on the site, it’s not hard at all to generate steady traffic to your site, build your email lists and boost your Google rankings in the process. 


Get feedback on your website from the community and learn what others think about your site design, your content and your overall direction using a credit system. Cash Credits can be purchased so that you can use them towards any credit system within the community. You can use cash credits towards getting comments on your website through SiteComments, or for getting feedback on your sites through SiteFeedback.

For each credit, you accumulate you can immediately use to generate additional blog comments or site feedback requests to your own website. Thereby, generating traffic and activity to your site quickly and easily. 

This is a HUGE leg up when you’re trying to rank on Google and build up your own audience. 

5 Ways To Earn Credits: 

You can earn Community Credits by paying-it-forward in the give and take systems like SiteFeedback and SiteComments. There are four ways you can easily earn and build up your credits to use later.

  1. Offer Site Comments: Earn 1 community credit for every 1 SiteComments you offer on other people’s websites. Use 2 credits towards requesting your own website comments, or for requesting SiteFeedback
  2. Offer Site Feedback: Earn 1 community credit for every 1 SiteFeedback comment you offer on other people’s websites. Use 2 credits towards requesting your own SiteFeedback, or for requesting SiteComments. I take you through this process in the video so you can see just how easy it is to do. 
  3. Offer A New Training Course – Earn Cash Credits when training reaches a minimum level of visits, likes, and engagement. As training becomes popular you earn Cash Credits to use towards other systems within WA! You may also exchange these credits for USD!
  4. Domain Registrations – When someone you referred to WA registers a domain through our SiteDomain platform, you earn $1 in cash credits to use towards other systems in WA! You may also exchange these credits for USD!
  5. Affiliate Credits – Referring others to WA can earn you significant commissions. On top of this, when your referrals set up their accounts by adding an image and description, you earn $1 in Affiliate Credits which can be cashed out once you reach a minimum balance


People spend a thousands of dollars hiring mentors to build their businesses and skills. Here’s another way that WA stands head and shoulders above anything else that is out there.

Just like any education platform worth its salt, if you have access to the experts in the system your own chances of achieving success expand exponentially. 

Here you’ll are able to ask questions when you need help and get the expert support when you need it. That’s something else you’re going to get access to.


Increase Website Traffic Free - 24/7 Live Chat Support
24/7 Chat – Tap Into Expert Help Whenever You Need It

In order to give you a taste of what Premium support offers you, you’ll have access to the live 24/7 chat right here on Wealthy Affiliate during your first seven days. 

On the video here in this blog, you can see, that there are lots of folks here ready and willing to share their expertise and advice to help you out. There’s always a thread going on here. There are so much support and opportunity for you to ask questions here.

Wealthy Affiliate is a global community of online entrepreneurs at different levels of expertise. There’s always going to be someone there to give you a hand if you need it. 

Choose one of the free training programs offered, the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp or the Entrepreneur Certification. Each of the links takes you to a signup page where you can watch a quick video I put together that will give you a very good overview of WA and the lesson layout.

Within each lesson, you’re encouraged to complete the tasks and ask questions and can look at what other members have asked and the answers they’ve received which will likely help you right away. As you complete the lesson tasks, you are literally building up your online business one lesson at a time.

So if you want to be part of something where you have instant access to expert help and advise, this is definitely the place to be. The free membership gives you instant access to the course and the community where you will begin the process of building your own successful online business the right way.

Success Online Is So Much Easier With Wealthy Affiliate

In closing, I just want to say that the more time and consistent progress you make as you progress through each of the training courses, the faster you’ll see results. 

Keep in mind that building a successful online business is not a sprint but rather a marathon. Since WA has been around for over 20 years, the wealth of knowledge you have at your fingertips is all you’ll ever need to consistently learn and grow your business. 

There are a ton of full-time and very successful members waiting to welcome you here ready to help you every step of the way. 

9 Replies to “Increase Website Traffic Free”

  1. This is an excellent article on Wealthy Affiliate and how to generate traffic. I also had the same problem before I found Wealthy Affiliate. I worked for months on a site with no real result. I knew SEO was important but didn’t know how to do it. I ended up paying for Facebook ads that cost me a lot. I had some sales but not enough to warrant the expense. It was all a waste of time really. Wealthy Affiliate has changed that. I made sales within the first 3 months. I’m an advocate. Thanks

  2. Wealthy Affiliate sure sounds like the real thing, I have joined other business training programs only to lose money and be disappointed, I do like the idea I can start as a free member. How long can I remain a free member, and how much will it cost me to upgrade to a paid member if I decide I want more training?

    One thing that concerns me is I heard shared servers are slow and you experience a lot of downtimes, so my question is what has your experience been with the server on Wealthy Affiliate with speed and downtime?


    1. Hi Jeff, I haven’t had any problems at all now two-plus years in. There are no time limits tied to the free membership so you’ll have plenty of time to complete the course at your own pace and really get to “look under the hood” to see if WA is for you. No obligations and they won’t ask for a credit card. You’ve got much to gain, nothing to lose.

  3. I am blown away by everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer! Being a member, you would think I already know everything on offer with this amazing platform – reading this post and watching your video has opened my eyes to even more!

    Honestly, anyone that has the opportunity to join WA should grab it with both hands!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Louise x

  4. Hi Anne,
    It’s getting harder and harder to get traffic to your website these days, but totally possible with the right platform and training. It’s just amazing what you get from the Wealthy Affiliate platform for the money you pay. All the training and tools you need to build your own business from scratch that will be a source of income to you for the long term.
    And the best part in my opinion, is the fact that there are so many other people on there. I mean, that just says it all really doesn’t it?

    Thanks so much for your review!

  5. Many thanks Anne for the tips!
    Looks like Wealthy Affiliate has everything bloggers need to grow and monetize their blogs, I like that they offer real comments as this means more content added to your blog posts and it helps in giving Google a signal that this is an active blog.
    All the best!

  6. Your post really opens one’s eye, WA it is a very big family and when you just starting you may think you’l know everything in no time but the more you read through and knowing more it seems as you are not doing enough. There is too much information. What ever you need is available but the challenge is how to access it, such posts helps a lot and makes things easy to understand and know. It is true that you can have a beautiful website with everything anybody can wish it shows or great content that can change people’s lives, but without traffic it is useless. With all the websites we are willing to help others, but if there is nobody coming to the site it doesn’t serves the purpose. Thank you with such a great information.

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