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How To Monetize Your Website Content

What’s the trick to monetizing your website content? Set up an automated system that converts your website visitors into active leads through a series of an action-oriented email drip campaign. 

Using an autoresponder is critical to your online success. It places super-advanced tools in your hand that let you build a list of potential buyers interested in your products.

This does take a little time to plan and set up but the good news is, you do it only once and the rest runs on autopilot. Once you can understand the process, implementing it is not difficult to do. 

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 So for instance, a visitor comes into your website and subscribes to your email. Great but now what?  When you have an automated system set up, your new subscriber is instantly placed on an email drip campaign.

Using autoresponder integration tools, you can easily connect with each of your new leads as often as you wish by setting up pre-written emails that go out on certain days. That’s the beauty of an autoresponder, set it and forget it. The best email campaigns are highly targeted, not general in nature.

When crafting email campaigns in the autoresponder page, you’ll notice that you’re actually crafting a newsletter using any one of a thousand different very professional-looking templates. 

This is FAR BETTER than just a simple email because you can include beautiful images, themes, buttons and links to relevant blogs you’ve got on your site, your mobile app or links back to your website.

how to build and set up your email list free e-course

Using an autoresponder you can continually communicate with your subscribers, build trust and promote your products.

Be sure to include relevant and highly focused information that will be of interest to them. Think about having all this working for you on autopilot. How many hours does that free up for you? 

What to include in your drip campaigns?

Using GetResponse, you can easily create beautiful newsletters and landing pages using over 1000 stock images. Here are some ideas..


Using a drip campaign you can quickly and easily communicate with your subscribers building their trust in you as an authority. When they trust you, they will buy from you over and over again. Here are some ways you can use drip campaigns:

  • Pre-launch an upcoming promotion.
  • Periodically include a questionnaire or survey. 
  • Invite them to an upcoming webinar.
  • Send out notifications and special sales.
  • Send autoresponders on a customized schedule in advance. 
  • Send messages triggered when contacts open specific emails or click links inside emails.

Setting up email drip on a schedule is easy using the calendar layout. It’s a monthly calendar displaying each day that you have an email drip set for. So it’s super easy to see where you have gaps that need to be filled in and where you need to plug-in some variety.

The Setup

Monetizing your website requires four key elements:

  • Steady traffic to your website
  • Lead Magnet
  • An Opt-in Form
  • An Autoresponder

That’s it!  Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple. Building a mailing is simple and learning to utilize all four components above seamlessly, will no doubt start to produce a steady stream of income. 

The Lead Magnet

Remember, you want to knock their socks off with VALUE. So, if your lead magnet is an e-book on Marathon Training For Beginners, you could offer them the first five-day training schedule in PDF format or Mike’s 4 Week Strength Training Workout just for signing up.

Lead magnets must have specificity and value. It should address a specific challenge your target audience faces. If your target audience perceives it as valuable, they are more likely to share their email address with you.

A lead magnet is something that’s offered as an incentive for your site visitors to share their email address with you. It’s a giveaway often used to entice someone to take a particular action. Something like:

  • Subscribe today and get instant access to “Marathon Runners Guide”
  • Sign up now to receive our exclusive Marketing Blueprint
  • Register for our next webinar and you’ll instantly receive 10 Top Ways To Make Money Online

Make sure your lead magnet is very compelling and most of all that it delivers more than expected. If you disappoint them here, you’ll never get them to buy anything from you in the future.

Here are some different types of lead magnets you could offer:

how to build and set up your email list free e-course
  • E-Books
  • PDFs
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Podcasts / Webinars
  • E-courses
  • Checklists
  • Coupons, Tickets or Memberships
  • Consulting Services

Your lead magnets should not be long or complex. The real success behind a lead magnet comes when you can provide people with the information they cannot easily find somewhere else. Instant gratification plays a big role here.

Opt-In Forms

Opt-in forms, like the one above, come in all shapes and sizes. They are the primary form of building your email subscriber list directly from your website.

This one, I created easily using a GetResponse template. When site visitors submit the form, they instantly receive the first of a 5 Day List Builder System training e-course that walks them through the process of building their own automated subscription system from scratch.

Drip Campaigns

Before anything can get working here you must have a series of emails or newsletters set up to deliver to your subscribers and keep in touch with them. You don’t want to just deliver the lead magnet and never hear from them again, right? 

Retailers online and off, all understand the value of repeat business. So it’s imperative that you have a system in place to continue communicating with every subscriber.

These people are not just random visitors, by the very fact they subscribed to your site demonstrates that they are interested in your niche and what you have to offer. Each one is worth their weight in gold! So, you must go out of your way daily, to hold on to them. You can also check out my blog, “Email Marketing List Building” to delve deeper into this.

how to build and set up your email list free e-course

A drip campaign is a series of email “touches” that let you keep your subscribers engaged with you and reminds them of you. Because the main purpose should always be to build trust over time, you want to inject something personal in each of them.

When you’re ready to introduce them to a new promotion, you’ll have far better results if they already view you as an authority in your niche.

So, let’s say your lead magnet is an e-book you offered for free as an incentive to sign-up. In addition to the actual e-book, you want to build your online relationship with them by delivering high-quality content via daily, bi-weekly or weekly emails. 

This content can include things like industry news, tips, webinar invites, strategies, sneak peeks, and promotional offers for new products.

An Autoresponder

An Autoresponder is in essence, the genie in the lamp and a must-have for any serious online entrepreneur. It’s the engine behind an effective email marketing system.

The fortune is in the followup! When a new subscriber fills in your opt-in form and receives the lead magnet, the autoresponder kicks into follow-up with them. You can set the delivery frequency from daily to twice a week, or once a week.

Not only can you set your list building and email delivery on autopilot but you can just as easily scale your subscription list into the thousands. The autoresponder also allows you to automatically follow up with those leads, and help you make product sales without you having to physically be there to make the sale and collect the money.

An autoresponder also lets you set up specific automation sequences based on triggers that you identify. For instance, you put together a short survey question you’d like your subscribers to answer. You provide a multiple choice or yes/no answer.

Using the automation sequence, you can identify what action to take based on the subscriber’s answer. You set up a specific event for each possible reply or no reply at all. So, let’s say your little questionnaire asks them if they already have an online business or still thinking about it started one.

Depending on their answer, the sequence you’ve set up can and move them from one list into another list and/or send them some additional information or an invitation.

This strategy helps you better identify which subscribers would be more receptive to your product or services. As such, you can also place them on a different email campaign entirely.

An autoresponder is your marketing toolbox. You can build a customer relationship management system (CRM), build landing pages, webinars and a list of your contacts. Hands down, this is the number one method of building a successful online business quickly.

Tracking Your Performance

A good autoresponder has tracking features that let you monitor each of your campaign’s performance. 

  1. The A/B testing tool instantly creates a duplicate of your landing page where you can then make as much or as little adjustments as you like. Let’s say that you’re torn between two different headlines and are not sure which one will work best. Using the A/B testing tool, you can use both and track which headline gets the most clicks and/or opens. You can do the same with colors, logos, layout, etc.
  2. GetResponse lets you monitor email campaign performance with real-time updates as the results come in.
  3. You can also create targeted campaigns for contacts based on location, interest and demographics. 

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