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How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

How To Increase Ecommerce Sales

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There are lots of big claims out there. People saying they attract 10,000 visitors to their site daily. I’m not here to put shade on their claims because I know it’s entirely doable. After all, the internet is a global community.

Here’s the kicker. How many of those 10,000 site visitors are actually adding to your email list, sharing your posts and generating sales? There’s no getting around the fact that if you want to produce online income, you must convert a large enough percentage of that traffic into sales.

Online Traffic vs Online Sales

With 10,000 daily visitors, you don’t need to convert a large percentage of them. Say only 5% of them actually convert into sales, that’s 500 daily sales. Heck, who wouldn’t be happy with that?!

If you're not converting your web traffic into sales, no amount of bragging about the number of daily visitors you get, will put food on your table. Click To Tweet

 Crafting Content With Intent

Each blog or piece of content you create should have a clear purpose behind it such as sign-up to an e-course, webinar, membership or download an e-book. Keep the following content writing tips in mind:

  • Plan where you’ll place your Call to Actions (CTAs) ahead of time.
  • Include visuals such as images, charts, diagrams, infographics, etc.
  • Embed video that demonstrates something or highlights key points of your blog.
  • What lead magnet will you be offering to entice visitors to give you their email address?

Grab this $1.99 audiobook written by Fred Lam. Fred is A young visionary Fred Lam, who quite literally went from rags to riches; formerly a dishwasher, he has generated $20 million in revenue. In this audiobook he reveals the 5-step system he used and that allowed ordinary people just like you, quickly set up and launch e-commerce businesses in any niche making over $30 million in sales.

Using Lead Magnets To Grow Your Email List

Lead magnets are freebies you can offer to your niche audience. Each one needs to be compelling enough to entice your site visitors to share their email address with you. This is the critical piece you must utilize in order to continually grow your online business. Below is a lead magnet used by OptinMonster to generate leads.

  •  Create a freebie you can use as a lead magnet for every category of your website. Do this one at a time. Build a list with URLs to keep track of them.
  • Create 2-3 different opt-in forms for each lead magnet (freebie) and embed within your content. Don’t forget to keep track of them!
  • Place lead magnet links within the blogs of each category. As a general rule, one link per every 500 words.

Another great example of a lead magnet. The bright red color is hard to miss. Who doesn’t want to grow their online business? This lead magnet generates thousands of leads.

Getting Targeted Website Traffic

The sites with the best traffic are usually always employing paid online advertising. However, if your not in a position to fork out money in this regard, then your only option is to pay in time. It’s not easy, and it will take up a lot of your time. Consider sharing your content on social media but also on sites like Blogger and Tumblr.

Consider employing retargeting pixels that will follow your site visitors well after they’ve left your site. This is a very effective method of reminding them of their interest in your site and encouraging them to come back to it. You see this all the time with e-commerce sites but there’s no reason you cannot use it for your blog and/or affiliate sites.

Smart & Effective List Building Blueprint

Leveraging Social Media

The best free traffic can be generated through sites like Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Pinterest is a very effective way of building up a targeted audience using hashtags within each of your pins.

There is a great tool that helps you build up your Pinterest and Instagram traffic quickly. They are amazing! I tried the free account at first and boy, it makes life a little easier letting you schedule pins far into the future, join groups with like-minded entrepreneurs like you and share each other’s pins and posts.

Earn Passive Income Online - Pinterest Tips
Earn Passive Income Online - Instagram Tips

Lead Them – A Call To Action

Most people are practically begging society to lead them. When you tell your prospect to place their order, and you do it with a firm sense of conviction and authority, people will feel very comfortable giving you their money. They appreciate the fact that you are a person who will stand up, act like a leader, take responsibility and make things happen.

If somebody responds to your advertising, they are looking to you for a solution, they’re conferring authority on you. They perceive you as an expert, and they expect you to act with a sense of authority.

If you don’t act like an authority, they’ll look for another authority they can feel comfortable ordering from. If you aren’t the authority they’re looking for, you will kill the sale.

You must be the authority on whatever you sell. You understand it better than any client could. You know it inside out, and you know it works. They want to hear your confidence, your sense of authority.

Do You Believe?

If you believe in your product, if you believe it’s going to provide the promised benefits to your client, then with all your being, you should be trying to convince them to place their order now.

Conversely, if you’re shy about asking for the order, it shows them that you don’t have any confidence in your product. And if you don’t, then why should they?

That’s the key to being authoritative in a way that sells your products. It’s in having the belief that your product really is worth the money you’re asking them to give you. And that you really believe that they’d be foolish not to get out their wallet right now and order.

If you convey that confidence, then you can make them believe in you with that same high level of confidence. But if you seem reserved or shy, they’re going to smell your fear.

They’ll wonder what’s wrong with your product that you don’t even believe in it enough to be confident in offering it to them. Jay Abraham, arguably one of the best marketing experts around, says that people are silently begging to be led.

Learn From Others

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but did you know it’s also the quickest way to learn and grow? I’m not advocating that you should go around plagiarising other people’s work. Google will punish you for that.

I’ll tell you what I did when I first started. I visited other more well-established sites in my niche and I signed up for their courses and freebies. I learned what they did and how they did it, took notes and then created my own unique content following a similar format. Look at it objectively.

  • How many links do they include in their posts on average?
  • Where are the links published?
  • What products are they offering for free?
  • How many different ways are they enticing readers to sign-up for something or buy something?
  • How long are their blog posts?
  • How many images are there?
  • Are they addressing a specific problem and offering a solution?
  • Also, pay attention to their headings and subheadings.
  • Are they using keywords in each of them?

This is also a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Have a topic idea but not sure what to include in your post? Visit other blogs on similar topics and take note of what they are including and most importantly what are they missing? How can you make it better still? Perhaps include an infographic or make a short video.

During this process, I put together a blueprint I followed to make sure I wasn’t missing any steps each time I added more content to my site. Its just one page and I still follow it today. I’m sure it will help you get on track and grow your traffic and your email lists and subsequently your sales. I’m happy to share it with you, just click the image below. for instant access and download.

Earn Passive Income Online - Smart & Effective List Building Blueprint

Think Out of The Box

Think about creative and unique ways to present your e-commerce products. For instance, have your considered using flipbooks? There are several free flipbook systems you’ll find online. However, all they have limited capabilities unless you’re willing to upgrade.

To show you what it looks like, I went ahead and created a simple one using one of the free flipbook makers. The one below was converted into a flipbook from a PDF document using Yumpo.com. The free version doesn’t let you download your project. The upgrade which lets you download displays no ads, gives you up to 5 flipbooks daily, SEO, Google Analytics is $19.95/mo.

Using Flipbooks, you can showcase your products in a sleek way. Another option is an e-zine. Check out Flipsnack as the Starter program is $14/mo and will let you publish your projects.


So remember, once you’ve made your case, confidently (but politely) demand that they buy. Don’t overdo it – just speak your piece, make your argument, and ask them to place the order.

This confident strategy works well in face-to-face selling situations, but it also works in ads, sales letters, videos, etc. It’s all about how you present yourself. The precision of language and an attitude of authority is a very powerful thing. Use it to lead your prospects right to the sale.

Your Two Cents

Have I got you thinking of some new ideas? What do you think of the free blueprint? What questions do you have? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting HighFiveAffiliate.com

15 Replies to “How To Increase Ecommerce Sales”

  1. Wow, you gave some good ideas for my page. I appreciate this informative article a lot, I learned a lot and I’m glad there’s people like you presenting real and trustworthy information for people out there seeking help.

    p.s. The flipbook appealed to me a lot, that’s something very very new to me. Thanks again!

  2. Dear Anne, a great article! There are a couple of things I am wondering about in regards to online marketing and wondering if you have any recommendations? I remember those days when people used to give away ebooks as an incentive for people to subscribe to their email list, but I got the impression that ebooks are not such an attractive lead magnet as it used to be. Maybe it is not even true but just my personal feeling in regards to ebook incentives. Do you have any recommendation in regards to attraction magnets that is really working very good for you in regards to building your email list? Also is it possible for you to perhaps recommend an email marketing platform or email autoresponder?

    Further to this, I am very interested in marketing on Instagram as I know that Instagram is a very hot marketing platform right now, but I am not perfectly sure how to go about this. Do you have any recommendations in regards to strategies on how to market on Instagram?

    1. Ebooks have changed the publishing world and are in no way outdated. Think about it, they are convenient and everywhere. Amazon has an ebook version for nearly every book they sell. Using Kindle, they completely changed the book industry and put even big book retailers out of business. There are over 89 million in the USA alone who have ebook readers. Also, content-rich well-written niche-specific ebooks can sell for up to $40 which twice what many printed books go for. You can write shorter books for Amazon and sell them at lower price points ranging from $4.99. There is a market for people prefer ebooks that are shorter with more focused niche topics. You may not make much per book, but the goal with Amazon is the number of sales because they have such a huge audience.

      When it comes to Instagram, I’m still learning my way through it. Wealthy Affiliates has some good training on that topic. They cover everything! So go take a look.

  3. Hello Anne. I’m new to online/affiliate marketing (six months) and I agree with you that if the visitors don’t convert, what’s the point of having too many of them. I have 100 visitors daily but I only sold like 7 products total and earned 5$.
    For now I can’t afford paid ads and I really see no need to do it since I can’t get sales from organic traffic yet.
    Your article is very well written and informative. I like the section about believing your product. I see no sense trying to sell something that you are skeptical or unsure about (except greed).
    First time I read about flipbooks. Looks like a nice way to present your products. Does it work for social media as well or is for email list building only?
    I’m glad I came across your article. It certainly helped me learn more. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Hi Georgios, Flipbooks is underutilized but can be a great way of presenting your products and keep them engaged with your content. Once I created it for the purpose of this blog post, I was able to embed it and also obtain the URL. However, the free account would not let me download it. I would just embed it in your blog and then use the URL for social media posts.

  4. Thank you so much for the great information. I have been blogging for just about a year and while my traffic has improved, it’s definitely not the best. I am still pretty basic when it comes to getting traffic and am really just acquiring organic traffic through my blog posts. I do have an e-mail list that is very slowly growing, but again not what I’d like to see when it comes to growth. This has been super helpful. I know that I need to create a lead magnet for my e-mail list, but the idea of using them for every category of my site was very helpful. I feel like I learned a lot here than I can start to implement. I will definitely come back to read this again as I know I will forget a lot of it LOL. Thanks again!

  5. Hello,

    I recently started to build my POD eCommerce business. I can tell you this article is a great way to improve my website and start strong! It is important to set our goals before we even start anything. Then plan and do it! Planning is an important task and that requires doing research and find the best method to improve our business. Thinking out of the box and try new methods and things would definitely lead to a success one way or another. I enjoyed reading your article. Not only that I will actually implement these tips on my eCommerce business and get back to you with results!

    1. Fantastic, Mohammad. I look forward to your report. Remember to track your progress over time. That information is extremely valuable as it will reveal what’s working for you and what’s not so that you can make adjustments accordingly. Best of luck!

  6. Hi, Anne. I recently started affiliate marketing, and I am very interested in getting traffic and conversion. Your suggestions and advice in this article is comprehensible and quite doable. Thank you for the contents. By the way, 10,000 daily visitors sound a bit unrealistic for me for now, and I wonder how many private websites have that number of visitors. Hope to reach that level in the future.
    I signed up and downloaded the chart named “Smart & Effective List Building Blueprint”. It is well-built. When I create a new content, I will check it with this chart. Also, I will think what freebie (lead magnet) I can offer to my audience.
    I appreciate for several tips such as “Consider employing retargeting pixels”, “you must be the authority on whatever you sell“ and “get a confidence in your product”. I was not even familiar with retargeting pixels. It will be a great strategy and I will learn how to make full use of it. Also, getting an extensive knowledge on the products I am advertising will be a crucial element. Both tips are top two advice for me. I will keep them in mind. Thank you for your informative and helpful advice.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Glad to hear you liked the Smart & Effective List Building Blueprint. It’s the process I follow still today to build up my traffic steadily. It’s not an overnight solution or magic pill, but over time it will work to build up your online traffic, email list and sales. There are so many things to remember to do that I find it helpful to have a checklist handy so I don’t miss a step along the way. Best of luck to you!

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