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How To Build Your Email List With Freebies

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If you’ve been following me here on HighFiveAffiliate.com, then you know that the key component to any funnel in any niche starts with a lead magnet (i.e. freebie). Lead magnets are what you give away to people in exchange for subscribing to your list.

Every online business in every niche must employ lead magnets to generate leads, sales and grow their subscriber list continuously. Personal emails are guarded rather closely, so you must offer something of value that will outweigh the cost of revealing their email address to you.

Smart & Effective Email List Building Blueprint

Features of A Quality Lead Magnet

Lead magnets come in many different forms but most commonly as a free PDF, list or ebook. However, I find that a lot of people are offering, bluntly… inferior lead magnets. 

There are several ways you can get your own creative juices flowing when deciding on what type of lead magnet will be most attractive. First, look no further than your own blogs. Pinpoint the ones that are the most popular and think about freebies you can offer around that particular topic.

Another resource is to search on Pinterest and see which pins are the most popular, then create your own unique freebie that’s better than the others. Lastly, check out sites like BuzzSumo for other great topic ideas.

A lead-generating magnet should have some of these qualities:

  • Solves A Problem
  • Offers A Quick Win
  • Is Very Focused & Specific
  • Easy to Understand & Implement
  • High Perceived Value (saves time or quick solution)
  • High Monetary Value
  • Instant Gratification (Downloadable)
  • Demonstrates Your Unique Value Proposition & Expertise

A high converting lead magnet should make them feel like they’ve grabbed a valuable prize that makes all the difference.

Grab this $1.99 audiobook written by Fred Lam. Fred is A young visionary Fred Lam, who quite literally went from rags to riches; formerly a dishwasher, he has generated $20 million in revenue. In this audiobook he reveals the 5-step system he used and that allowed ordinary people just like you, quickly set up and launch e-commerce businesses in any niche making over $30 million in sales.

A Word About Offering Lists

The most common form of lead magnet is a list that’s been converted into a PDF. You know the kind… “10 Top….” or “5 Tricks To…”.

This type of lead magnet is all over the internet. It’s been, shall I say, overdone. That bird has been cooked and re-cooked. Which is why it’s among the lowest converting lead magnets out there.

Image result for how to lists

Those few who do subscribe offer only low-quality email addresses and/or just don’t engage at all.

When you’re trying to get people into a funnel, you want to target a very specific kind of person, right? And you want an irresistible lead magnet that attracts them.

Think about it. When offering a list, you basically just gave them a list of things to do! Less than half will be accomplished. If you try to then sell them your front-end offer with the pitch being “want more?” Can you guess what they’ll say? Their answer will be no. They already have a list of 10 things they haven’t completed and won’t want more.

The big thing to remember is…You have to have unique, compelling lead magnets. Get inside their heads and think about what they’d want and make it.

Instead of handing them a list of 10 things to do, show them just ONE that will rock their world.

12 High Converting Lead Magnet Ideas

How To Build Your Email List With Freebies

Audio File

Provide an audio file of your content for busy people interested in what you have to say but short on time. Audio files are hugely popular. There are many free tools you can use such as Audacity and Quicktime to create an audio file and place it on your blog or in your email.

Checklists, Cheatsheets & Toolkits

People like me really like checklists. Take something that requires lots of steps and then compile a checklist that will help your reader remember each step along the way.

Cheatsheets are closely aligned with checklists. They provide your site visitor with a list of guidelines or a process they can follow over and over again to achieve a specific benefit. They are irresistible and of high value, because they cut to the chase and place a solution right in their hands.

Everyone wants to see what the pros use, don’t they? Well, offering a toolkit is essentially a resource guide of your most-used apps and tools used specifically for your niche or trade.

Guide, Ebook or Report

How To Build Your Email List With Freebies

Take some of your best blogs, jazz them up and compile them into a great e-book, PDF or report. I did a lot of research on e-books creators and decided that Designrr was the best. The best ebooks are formatted to fit all devices.

Consider offering a free chapter or free peak of your ebook as an opt-in lead magnet.

Let Them In Behind The Scenes With Video

If you’re a photographer or a person who creates products such as art or crafts, make a video showing your process step by step. Instead of just telling them what to do, let them see you actually do it.

Let Them Sample Your Product

Authors will often offer up the first chapter of their upcoming book and lead them to a page where they can easily order the book. Consider doing something similar for your site visitors. It could be the first chapter of your ebook, the first lesson of your e-course, or a website template. Remember to add a call-to-action (CTA) where they can order the full product.


How To Build Your Email List With Freebies

Infographics are a still great way to visually convey a lot of information and are very popular. Don’t think so? Take a look at visual posting sites like Pinterest. You’ll find hundreds on there daily. Even with a free membership to sites like Canva you can create infographics easy.

Demonstrations or E-Courses

How to demonstrations and courses are sought after by folks like you looking for solutions. First, create a list of steps involved and questions that are likely to come up. Keep it simple and easy to understand.

Don’t assume anything. Include lots of screenshots or better yet, short videos. Break it down into easy to follow steps. Plan carefully and test it out before you publish it.

Frequently Asked

FAQs remain pretty popular because of the large amount of information they provide. They work especially well with complicated products or large niches such as buying or selling real estate. Think about common questions that many folks have about your specific niche or product.


Planners are very popular on e-commerce sites such as Etsy and on Pinterest. Bloggers love planners. Consider creating one that can complement your niche product or service.

Podcast and Webinars

Live podcasts or webinars (or recorded) is a wonderful lead generation tools because it boosts engagement and utilizes urgency.


You can easily repurpose a live podcast or webinar by offering access to a free replay. Create a library and offer them as a resource for new subscribers.


I saved the best for last. Instead of just offering one freebie at a time, consider raising its perceived value from “interested” to completely irresistible by bundling up two or three freebies together. Some ideas off the top of my head are:

  • Along with your podcast or webinar, include a cheatsheet, planner and the link to the replay.
  • Add audio files and FAQ along with your ebook or guide.
  • Include PDF guide with an e-course and video demonstration.

Attention-Grabbing Lead Magnet Phrases You Can Use

I’m always taking note of headlines that grab my attention. The thinking is that if it makes me stop and sign-up for something or click on it, then it probably works well for others. I have a growing list of these phrases for my niche but here are 10 that can be used in any niche.

  • Proven Ideas for
  • Proven Ways
  • 5 Hot Topics
  • Free Cheat Sheet
  • Get Your Side Hustle On
  • Rockin’ Ways To
  • Ultimate Sales
  • Ultimate Guide
  • Free peak
  • Mind Blowing Method

Your Two Cents

Share your ideas here. Which freebies are working well for you? Have I given you any new ideas?

5 Replies to “How To Build Your Email List With Freebies”

  1. I definitely learned some hot tips for growing my email list, I really like making info-graphics like you suggest as well. It brings out the creative streak in me and I love that! It’s a great way to offer value to people who don’t have the time to read a long article. I also like creating PDF versions of posts as well to offer in exchange for emails. look forward to following you on Pinterest.

  2. Hi,

    List building is a very important aspect when it comes to building an online business. Often newbies wonder what to provide as a lead magnet to get their email, I am myself looking to create a email list and was wondering what to provide as a lead magnet. This post has given me several ideas and out of all these I like “bundles” and I am going to work on the same. Thanks very much for sharing such an informative post.

  3. I like your ideas! I am just not a creative thinker, so must rely on others to come up with great ideas, and then share them, just as you have here. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I have bookmarked your site, because I am plenty old enough to forget everything I have read here. I plan to check out how to do a few of the things you mentioned, like the audio file, maybe… or, a planner…. both are great ideas. Thanks again!

    1. I’m working on a review for a plug-in that can help instantly set up a video blog site as well as one program that instantly converts text to an audio in a natural sounding voice. Stay tuned!

  4. Dear Anne
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the most effective approach to start up your own online marketing business which can grow gradually.
    Kind regards,

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