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Planning a successful small business

Have What It Takes To Run A Successful Home Business?

Running a successful home business today demands that you build a strong online presence and that takes dedication.

Retailers large and small have discovered that fact long ago. Nearly every retailer out there has some kind of online presence. The larger ones such as Michaels, Verizon, HomeDepot and Walmart put a great deal of money into their online marketing and offer online ordering and pick-up in their stores. 

As you build out your website, keep in mind that your building a strong foundation from which to stand on. At the very least, give yourself a 12 month timeframe which is more realistic. 

Successful Home Business - Come In We're Open Image

I’ve been building my brand online for my real estate business since 2016 and am only now starting to see the fruits of so many hours of labor starting to slowly pay off. I wanted to find a way to build my full-time business using a blog site that would eventually save me thousdands in online advertising and mailers.

Stay Focused

The business that stays focused and true to it’s core mission is the one that will grow and succeed. Even tiny niche sites can generate great success and income. Look at Etsy, it started as a website for selling other peoples crafts. They’ve stayed true to their roots and now they’re a multi-billion dollar company.

Same with Dollar Shave Club they simply offered the convenience of getting razors delivered to you monthly. They know that the money is in the razor blade, not the razor. They were practical and stayed true to their core mission. They’ve since been bought for a billion dollars. Nice!

Trial & Error

In the beginning, the start-up business is always chaos and with internet marketing is largely trial and error. You do something first, then see what kind of results you get over time. Then you work on improving it along the way or try something different. That’s how you’ll move forward. 

Trial & Error To Home Business Success

Expect to make lots of mistakes along the way. Embrace the fact that you may not have all of the answers. You’re building the plane as it flies!

Some people are motivated by competition. If that’s you, then compete against yourself for better results, higher conversions, more traffic, more views, more comments, etc.

Building Your Audience

Some people treat their online business like a hobby and others like a factory. However, the online world is highly social and your goal as a marketer is to yield the highest conversion rate. You need to be flexible as to how you market and share your content.

Building your audience online requires that you regularly communicate to them in a variety of ways through daily emails, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, videos, etc. Mix it up!

Home Business Success - Build An Audience

When you have an idea for a blog topic, try creating visuals such as a video or infographic that elaborates on the topic at hand. 

Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Instead focus on your ideal niche customer. When you focus your efforts to appeal to a small percentage of people, you’ll build loyalty. Stay true to your mission.

Build Trust

Know your niche. Know who you’re niche customer is and talk directly to them.  Describe someone’s problem as if you are right there in their heads and are speaking from personal experience. Describe it better than they can. 

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Write a story, not a lecture. Stories keep the reader engaged. Describe the challenge and/or pain in detail before you offer a solution or mention features and/or benefits. Remember, people are highly emotional, so speak directly to the heart of the issue.

Compliment people within your content. Everybody likes to feel special and wanted. Show them you care about them because a lot of your sales will be for folks looking to solve their problems. 

Home Business Success - Build Trust

Show Emphathy – Let your story demonstrate that you know exactly where their coming from. You want to portray that in your content. Be upbeat and positive within all of your content and interactions.

Tell them a secret! People love insider information as to how to resolve their issues.This is going to lead to a great deal of connectivity to your audience and get their attention.

Create an “Us vs Them” Scenario – Implant your own cause and effect scenario in your text and titles. For instance, “Top 3 Secrets The Rich Don’t Want You To Know” or “The Thyroid Cure Big Pharma Kept Secret For Generations” creates a sense of curiosity and mystery while also playing to the “Us vs Them” mentality. Headlines like these can generate lots of clicks.

Put Yourself Out There

You can become a niche expert in absolutely anything you want.  The quality of your content will demonstrate your own level of understanding in a product or particular topic. This requires that you take the time to do your research. Also, include an external link and a quote from a known expert in the industry.

Home business success - Building Credibility

Show yourself worthy by giving lots first. Selflessly helping makes someone else want to recepricate. It’s human nature. If you are known as a helper within your niche then your brand will grow.

You can also sell them on a vision. Here are some ideas: 

  • Paint the picture of traveling anywhere and working 100% online while building their business 
  • receiving checks in the mail
  • having pain free mobility
  • being the keynote speaker at venues around the country
  • being in top physical form and running a marathon or looking great in a bikini

Every idea starts small. It’s up to us to grab hold of it, nurture it, and transform your idea into a successful home business well on its way to setting you free financially.

This course walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. Take the first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

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As entrepreneurs, we all face similar struggles. Feel free to share here. It’s a judgement free zone so let’s stay positive.

7 Replies to “Have What It Takes To Run A Successful Home Business?”

  1. Hey, thanks for this valuable information. Getting started in the internet business is not easy and helpful articles like this are much appreciated.

    I guess to earn trust and credibility takes time, in some niches a lot of time. To attract an audience is not easy, keywords help but my young website hardly reaches page one in Google search results.

    I head to stay put with the system we do is key to success, I now work on my website for one year and have 120 posts but not that much traffic, do you think I should try a new niche?

    1. I would not suggest you throw all that hard work away, Stefan. Instead, go back to your best blogs and reanalyze your keywords. If you’re part of WA, I suggest you dig up Jay’s Live Event training on “7 SEO Strategies To Explode Your Rankings in 2018” and take notes. Also check out How I Drive Traffic To My Site. Create a TO DO list that you can follow for every post. This may take some time but it’s well worth the effort and you’ll soon become a Pro. By the way, are you using Google Fetch each time you publish a blog? The Google console will give you a lot of information regarding your site, the audience, each page on your site, etc. 

  2. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I’m fairly new to the affiliate marketing world, about 4 months in, and I’m still learning the tools on how to be successful. What really stuck with me was the “Build Trust” section. As someone who is still trying to find a voice with my writing, you provided some clear tips on what to focus on and how to do so. I will be trying to apply these tips in the future. You also got straight to the point and didn’t try to add any fluff to your paragraphs. I look forward to reading a few more of your articles. The only thing I could suggest is that I did find a spelling error. Very minor, but I just wanted to inform you in case you weren’t aware (1st section, thousdands).

    Hope you continue the great work, good luck!


  3. That’s a great article on what it takes to create a successful homebased online business. There are lots of little things you need to do to get all the pieces to fit together and, as you say, it can take a ;little trial and erorr to get it right.And it’s important to monitor what you do so you can analyse how successul each one is. Or not!

    I particularly like your marketing tips and there’s one thing I’d lkike to emphasise for anyone reading this, It’s something you can easily gloss over if you’re not paying attention.Building trust is sooooo important. So many marketers just bombard you with sales pitches and fill their newsletters with affiliate links. I guess they receive these types of newsletters and think that that’s the way to do it. I don’t stay subscribed to these for long. Sure they may sell someone a product, maybe two, but they won’t keep customers very long. I have a favourite marketer 🙂 We’ve exchanged emails, he’s answered so many of my questions. Now, if I want to buy anything I actually ask him if he has an affiliate link for it! I will be one of his long-term customers and he’ll make hundreds from me :-). That’s the sort of relationship you want, and building trust is how to get it.


    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m like that too! I’ll shop around for a while first but once I find someone (vendor or professional) I know will be reliable and whose advice I can trust, I generally stick with them for a long time. That’s true of doctors, hairdressers, auto mechanics, chiropractors, etc. Sounds like you have a good relationship with an online source. Lucky one! 🙂

  4. Hi, I love your article. I believe that we all imagine ourselves traveling around the world and taking the work with us. But I know that the beginning of this journey must begin by finding the affiliate system that suits what you like to do and of course that the program is a legitimate program. You have covered the most important points in your article and I know you will help many others as you helped me. Thank you for sharing this great article

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