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Email Marketing List Building

There’s certainly a lot that’s involved in running a successful online business. These are online marketing, SEO, content building, list building, tracking links, clicks, and PPCs. 

Nearly all of us interested in building an online business want to leverage it in a way that earns a profit. But let’s not forget the most critical issue of all. This is a people business. Behind every click is a person that has a need.

Is Making Money Online Is Easy? 

If you have a website that receives traffic, you are going to make money online…well, this is partly true.  Let us rephrase this sentence so that it is correct: “If you have a website that receives traffic and you know how to generate leads, you will make money online”. 

There is a definite road to disaster with anyone getting into online marketing – starting without knowing.    Here are some major points that describe the role of a website when creating a mailing list: 

1. A website does not equate to leads.  

Why? If a website does not have relevant information to what the visitor is looking for, they will leave the page.   You have approximately 5-10 seconds to capture the interest of your visitor.

2. Graphics and banners are not important. 

Content is king when it comes to developing websites that convert.  People spend way too much time focusing on appearance rather than content.  The Internet is considered the “information highway” and people that come to your page are looking for info, not images. 

Email marketing list building tips

 3. Website layout does matter. 

Navigation is a huge issue and people naturally navigate websites in a specific order, usually from left to right as if they were reading a book.  The center of the screen is typically the best position for a headline, so if you are looking to capture the interest of your visitor instantly, stick a relevant heading right smack in the middle of your page.

4. Not everyone will sign-up to your mailing list.

No matter how good your offer is, or how you present your mailing list, not everyone that comes to your webpage will not sign-up for your form.  

5. Relevance equals success.

The cold truth is that the more relevant your web pages are to what the visitor is looking for, the more success you will have. This is true and applies not only to creating a mailing list.  Create relevant pages and watch your conversions skyrocket. 

So, how do you turn your website into a cash machine? Don’t worry, we’re getting there, but first, you need to learn about traffic.

Building Online Traffic

Traffic is always on any internet marketers mind.  Everyone wants traffic and wondering how to get more of it.  Today we are going to clear up some things about traffic and bring you to an understanding that not all traffic is good traffic.

Email marketing list building tips

The biggest traffic generating mistake you can make is assuming that more traffic is better than less traffic.  This is simply not the case and I’m going to tell you why. 

Traffic comes in many forms, PPC Search Engines, natural traffic, bulk traffic, blogs, forums, content networks, offline advertising, and media-driven events.  All of these channels can be profitable, but you need to understand a few things first.

1. The only good type of traffic is relevant traffic. 

It is important to have a relevant website that visitors are looking for.  Well,l guess what? It goes the other way as well.  It is important to choose traffic that is relevant to what you are promoting on your website.

2. Free traffic can be of high quality.  

There are several ways to obtain free traffic that will drive highly qualified leads and potential customers to your website.  These include natural search listings (through SEO), forums, blogs, and focus groups.

3. All traffic is not the same. 

Traffic within Google differs from traffic in Yahoo!, which differs from natural search listings, which differs from email traffic, which differs from…I think you get the point!! 

Don’t make the mistake of treating all traffic the same, because it will not produce equal results.  Some engines produce more qualified traffic (such as Google), that will convert very well.

Set Up Your Email Marketing Funnel

It takes a lot of planning and time to set up and fine-tunes your email marketing funnel. I used to feel it was an overwhelming task. However, slowly, and step-by-step as I put smart and effective systems in place, I realized that my own funnel was growing.

So, when you look at the funnel below, remember to take it one step at a time.

Planning: Clearly identify your goals. Decide what you want your campaign to achieve within the allocated budget. Develop in-depth buyer personas. What kind of person would be interested in what you have to offer? Why should they subscribe? What can you offer them?

Awareness: Position your business among brands that people consider initially. Build a targeted email marketing list. Use systems that will target and draw in as much traffic to your website as possible. Use a variety of list building techniques. Don’t just stick to one method. Remember, what works for one, won’t work for another. Go where your audience is.

Consideration: Help prospects engage with your brand and products. Send a great welcome email to give new subscribers a taste of what to expect if they remain on your list. Utilize marketing automation workflows offering product education, industry insights and useful data.

Familiarity: Offer subscribers key information about your products. Focus on benefits over features. Think of your target audience and make sure the benefits are addressing their needs.

Email Marketing Funnel - Email marketing list building tips

Intent: Identify prospects who are interested in your solution then send them detailed information. In the case of complex products, consider setting up a workflow explaining particular through a series of emails.

Evaluation: Demonstrate how your product performs against market competition. Emphasize your unique selling proposition vs. your competition. Explain why your product or service is a perfect choice.

Conversion: Drive conversions using different lead magnets for each category in your website. Make sure each one is very targeted and focused. Prepare a limited-time offer exclusively for subscribers such as a discount or extra features.

Relations: Build true relationships with your subscribers. Increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Ask customers for feedback and suggestions then make improvements in your products or services.

Loyalty & Advocacy: Delight customers. Get new customers through recommendations and referrals. Design a loyalty program to keep customers engaged with your brand. Delighted customers tend to recommend your products to others.

Email Marketing Campaigns

What is Email Marketing and how you can obtain significant profits by simply creating “a list”?  By list, we are referring to a list of emails and names of people that you collect on your website or in some other manner whereby you can build trust with them and promote your products online.

Lists are generated through online forms and this method is typically referred to as opting-in or an “opt-in”.  The person visiting your site will essentially give you permission to send emails to their account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The best way to sell is by educating your target audience rather than just trying to convince them to buy from you. Give first and the rest will follow. Most of us have a need to reciprocate when we feel that someone has provided something of value to us. I would suggest you send out three educational emails to your target audience for every one promotional email.

Smart and effective email list building formula

To earn a ton of money with mailing lists there are just a few components to the “SUCCESS BLUEPRINT“. 

  • A Website with steady traffic
  • A Lead Magnet
  • An Opt-in Form 
  • An Autoresponder System

Soak in these four points for a minute.  They all seem very basic and the reason is that they ARE VERY BASIC.  People tend to “overthink” things and make them more difficult than they are. 

Talk To Them, Not At Them

The best marketing campaigns are designed to touch the heart, create curiosity, make someone laugh or cry, etc. Speaking directly to them will draw them to your site, reading your content and ultimately take an action if they trust you.

If you can understand your customers, treat them like the gold that they are to you and your success, then the money will come naturally.

Monetize Your Online Traffic

Building a mailing list is really quite simple, and by learning how to apply the four elements above, you can make thousands of dollars every month just from knowing how to continually grow and monetize your mailing lists.

Using an autoresponder, you can convert your website visitors into active leads through a series of action-oriented mail drip campaigns.  An autoresponder lets you decide where to send a lead based on his/her actions or inaction. This does take a little time to plan and set up but the good news is, you do it only once and the rest runs on autopilot 24/7.

Email marketing list building tips

Looking around, there are no real efficient ways of managing all the emails without a paid autoresponder service. 

These systems allow you to easily manage thousands of email contacts, divide them into lists, provide you with plug-in forms for your site, generate analytical reports to keep track of your progress and more.

Autoresponder services have been the keystone to our success with mailing lists as they allow us to seamlessly manage our email campaigns. They allow us to create an email and send it out to thousands of subscribers within minutes.  Could you imagine trying to do this through regular email?

It is would seriously take an entire day to perform a large scale mail-out to your list. Using Autoresponders takes it off your hands and works 24/7.  You simply set it and forget it. Don’t waste your precious time!!  Time is money, fork out a few bucks to set yourself up for success.

To Pop-Up or Not to Pop-Up  

There are a few different styles of web forms, and we are going to set the record straight right now, pop-up forms are still a very good way to collect leads on a website.  Although many people despise pop-up advertisements, opt-in mailing lists are a different story. 

People can be very interested in opt-in lists that pop-up.  Especially when you can offer them something compelling for signing up. People are also interested in lists that are embedded with a page.  It all comes down to entice the visitor to sign-up to your list by providing some sort of incentive. This “incentive” is called a lead magnet.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Before setting up an opt-in form on your web page, think about a few things that would entice you to sign up to receive emails from someone that you have never met before. Then apply these to your form, whether it is offering a FREE guide, informative newsletter, or piece of software.  Sell yourself and sell your list. 

I’ve put together a free tutorial that specifically walks you through the process of capturing site visitors and setting up your own list building process on autopilot.

This “system” is explained in detail within the Free List Building Systems Setup e-course, and it will teach you how to set up a lead generation system that automatically builds your customer base whereby you can grow your online business and sell to your website visitors for months, and even years to come.

Set Your Email Optin System - Email marketing list building tips

Critical to any business, online and off, is to effectively generate repeat business. Capturing your site visitors into an automated email campaign builds your reputation and their trust.

Learn how to set up an automated system that captures your website visitors and generate repeat business.  The techniques within List Building Setup e-course can be worth literally thousands upon thousands of dollars to you every year.

It’s a free e-course and takes you step-by-step showing you everything you need to do and how to do it. Simply sign up below to get started or click here for more information.

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14 Replies to “Email Marketing List Building”

  1. You have thoroughly explained in details from different perspective for everyone digesting this post to understand the major points and tips shared in this article. This is one of the most extensive article I have read on email marketing list building, I believe an auto responder is also a top notch system which enables fast success with the email marketing building. Monetization of traffic is also advantageous far beyound free trafic. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Ola. As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, we work so hard to drive traffic to our websites. Therefore, putting a simple system in place to capture some of those people and be able to build from there is absolutely critical. I greatly value people who take the time to read my content. So much so, that I go out of my way to always provide them with lots of information in a focused way through blogs, e-courses, and newsletters.

  2. Email marketing has come to stay. Imagine churning a massive income through your website. For real, in the days to come, more goodies shall still be unveiled. Few who had defied the odds to take an advantage of this extra means of income has not regretted their action. You too can be the next beneficiary. The intrigues are freely shared in this article for your consumption.

  3. Hi Anne

    Email marketing is something I have been researching for a while now and can never really get my head round it, this article has explained it in a such a way it all makes more sense.

    Thank you and keep the good stuff coming.

  4. Hi Anne. This article has all the information I have been looking for. I have heard about email marketing but by your careful explanations, I now understand the whys, and the hows. I also like the attention grabbers on the page and I have signed up for the 5 day email list builder course. Thank you !!!

    1. That great, JJ. Let me know what you think of it the 5 Day List Builder e-course. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. 🙂

  5. This is a very informative article. I agree that people can get caught-up in the look and feel of their website rather than their content, but I think adding a few images to the articles we post is of some importance. Readers can loose interest quickly if articles are nothing but big blocks of words with no images to put all the info together with.

    But as a whole I completely agree! If your content isn’t relevant to what your visitors are looking for- the chances of you making a good living are very slim.

  6. Thanks for the information. I am looking to start an email campaign on my website and was not sure how to go about it. You have given me a lot to think about. As you say “all traffic is not the same” so I will need tools to identify how to determine which sources my ‘good’ traffic is coming from, and then specifically target them with campaigns that will hopefully lead to conversions. I will begin by considering what I would want to receive if I was a visitor to my website, or as you have said, I will put my self in their shoes.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Identifying your target audience will prove extremely valuable to you as you’ll then be able to speak to their needs and wants more effectively. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Great article, absolutely without a doubt the first thing, most certainly one of the first things that we ought to be focusing on as content marketers is growing our list.

    The very reason for that, above the revenue generation is that owning that list is traffic in our pockets and helps to build our brand and establish ourselves online.

    The very fact that ALL subscribers are returning visitors to your site is a very strong signal to search engines like google is a good SEO signal and potential rankings boost.

  8. Hi Ann,
    I am glad I came across your blog on email marketing as I have learned so much by reading this.
    I have in the past relied on SEO and organic traffic for my blog but now I see how much more traffic I could be attracting if I had an email list.
    Is there an autoresponder you would recommend?
    Thanks for this information it is very helpful.

    1. Hi Debbie, I did a lot of researching of my own when deciding on an autoresponder and I chose GetResponse. I’ve been using it now for nearly a year and don’t regret it at all. It’s helped me do bigger and better things with my site as well as build my email lists.

  9. One of my website is suffering from low traffic since a while. I mostly rely on SEO and organic traffic so far. But this article explained some great formula to increase traffic. I never thought about email marketing as well as an autoresponder so far.

    Thank you for this in depth article about email marketing. I am now thinking for inclusion of this tool in my websites.

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