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Earning A Living Online

Earning A Living Online

It is my belief that absolutely ANYONE (including you) can be working from home, doing this affiliate marketing stuff full-time and earn a living online.  

Yes, that is how this business works like any other business. The work you invest now pays off later. It holds true to this day.  Although your current efforts may not pay off the right way, it will typically take months sometimes years to truly pay off.

Earn a living online

If you do, you are going to be waking up in the morning smiling a year from now…when through your well-honed acquired online marketing skills, your website is established and earning you a consistent income online.

Get Ready To Open Your Doors To Billions of People…

Imagine owning a business in New York City. Now imagine having the same business with 100 times the people that all have credit cards and that you can interact with 24 hours per day…and connect with while you are away from your business or even when you are sleeping.

So prepare yourself, affiliate marketing is the greatest opportunity ever created for “regular” people like you and me. However, it is one that you need to treat like a business, not a hobby.Click To Tweet

That’s the beauty of the internet. There are over 2 billion people in the world with high-speed internet and many more with access to it. That is a lot of people. That’s a lot of potential!

How to set up your word press website in wealthy affilaite

Give It Time 

You have everything you need. In fact, you have way more today than I had when I started out. I could have only wished for something like Wealthy Affiliate that laid it all out for me when I was trying to get up and running with my online business and guides me still today.

Earning A Living Online

Don’t get me wrong, Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 15 years, I just didn’t know about it when I started out. With WA you have 100x more than your competition.

  • 24/7 Live Member Chat
  • Very Responsive Expert Help
  • Easy To Follow Expert Training
  • Live Webinars Once A Week
  • Free WordPress Sites & Themes
  • Huge Library Of “How To” Courses
  • Responsive Member Network
  • Friendly Community Willing To Share
  • Learn To Build A Solid Foundation From Which To Grow

If you’re looking to get an education from those that have real, “hands-on” expertise and success within the industry, seriously consider starting with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s what I use and it’s my only platform and source of training that keeps me up to date on everything related to building and running an online business.

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How Do You Stand Out?

How to make money online

With over 8,000 blogs published per day, you must fight the good fight. You have to be willing to delve deep into learning and then much trial and error to identify what works and what doesn’t. Here are some guidelines: 

  • Persistence and consistency are required. The majority of bloggers get frustrated after several months and fall away. 
  • Requires much dedication, effort, and expenses in order to succeed. It’s a long journey that ripens over time. Make sure you’re passionate about your niche so it doesn’t become a chore.
  • To really become a pro, you’ll need to follow one to emulate and learn from.
  • The good news is, you can earn your way to ranking high on Google strategically using high ranking keywords and lots of great content, engagement, and high-quality links. Invite your visitors to comment on each of your blogs gets Google’s attention.
  • The more engagement and comments you can generate on your blog the higher you’ll rank. 
  • Writing guest posts on other sites that have way more traffic than you can give your traffic and ranking a boost.
  • Learning how to leverage Quora builds lots of high-quality links and the coveted top Alexa ranking in the blogging world.

Crafting Web Content Marketing

When you're ready to craft your next blog, take the time to plan and organize it’s layout first. Remember, most readers just skim across content. Few if any actually read every word. So craft your headlines and organize them logically to keep readers moving down the page. Click To Tweet

Make sure the first sentence following a heading sums up the main point. The rest of the text elaborates further. Read 10 Steps To Crafting Killer Content.

When conducting your research, make sure you include quotes, charts, graphs and the like from reputable sources. Citing experts will help build your own credibility in the industry or niche.

how to build and set up your email list free e-course
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Rules of Engagement

  1. Be trustworthy.
  2. Be a diligent and consistent blogger
  3. The Internet is global. Therefore, you must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations.
  4. Comply with copyright and trademark laws.
  5. Stay focused on your ideal audience.
  6. Continually build engagement.
  7. Set up auto-systems to consistently leverage each of your blogs over weeks and months in advance. 
  8. Use lead magnets and opt-ins to build your subscriber list and sales.
  9. Utilize paid ads to build brand recognition.
  10. Respond to comments in a timely manner and in a positive way. 
  11. Give It Time, it will pay you dividends in the long run.

For a more in-depth understanding on this topic, check out my Content Marketing Playbook.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How many posts can a website have to prevent it from functionally normally?

Articles don’t take up a lot of server space so it has no real effect. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you must post daily. In fact, many successful online marketers only post once or twice a week. They spend 80% of their time leveraging their content to drive traffic to their site and building up their email subscriptions. 

How important is a title for my blog?

Extremely! Do your homework and research keyword phrases to use when composing your title. Your title should also be the same as in your meta title. So keep it intriguing enough to encourage clicks.  The better your research, the better the results. I use Jaaxy almost exclusively for this.

How many links should a post have?

Include only one external link and up to two or three internal links to your other related posts. Internal links are vital to getting Google to notice your site.  In addition, you want to keep visitors on your site as long as possible, providing internal links helps with that.

How often can one post on social media sites?

You can post as often as you want. I generally will schedule posts twice a day. Be sure to mix it up, don’t just post links to your website. Engage with others. For more on this, check out Automate Your Online Marketing Efforts.

How many tags should a post have?

No more than three per post.  

What’s in a meta description?

Your meta description should draw the reader to want to read more and visit your site. It’s what appears when you run an online search underneath the Meta Title, the and the website link.

Remember One Thing…

I know most people are solely focused on earning more money. I get that. Success is not just money!  There are many “intangible” successes that are not related to money at all (such as relationships, faith, family, friendships and health) that can help push you towards the level of success that you can really get excited about.

Stay On Track

We are all here to help one another and we share the same vision. Don’t ever let yourself get stuck because there will always be someone that has walked that road before you and can show you how they got through it.  I found this to be one of the most valuable features of my platform, Wealthy Affiliates where I have access to live 24/7 member chat, can follow the experts and get quick answers to my questions.  What a lifesaver!

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You Are Awesome!

Did you know that no two flowers are identical? Even though to our naked eyes they may appear to be, each and every pedal is unique.  How much more unique are you?

You have something of great value to offer someone else out there. So, stay positive and stay motivated. If you’ve chosen a niche that you’re truly passionate about, staying dedicated will be easy. Here’s to your success and the exciting days, weeks, months and years that lie ahead for you in the affiliate marketing business world.

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