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Email marketing for Real estate

‘Done For You’ Email Campaigns For Real Estate

Time is short when you have so many other obligations vying to gain your attention. My aim is to provide online marketers from many industries with “Done For You” internet marketing products designed to save you time and money while serving to build your own online business brand.

The first products offered here are complete sets of email marketing campaigns for real estate agents and another, more generic, sets will follow that can be incorporated into any type of online sales and affiliate marketing.   I mean, who the heck wants to spend an untold number of hours of frustration just trying to write compelling emails for their leads and subscribers?

Well, that’s exactly what I did. The biggest reason was that I did A LOT of research into the topic of content marketing, writing compelling email subject lines, copywriting, keyword research, niche marketing, etc. Then it took me months of tweaking my own drip campaigns to improve conversion. Now that I’ve got a 30- 33% open rate and I’m ready to share.

That’s about as good as any email marketing drip campaign will ever get and if anyone tells you differently, it’s probably untrue. Maybe there are exceptions out there, but not many that’s for sure!

However, my main goal is to provide quality content.  I write all of the time and I enjoy it, mostly. I like helping people, it makes me feel good which was why I got into real estate in the first place.

The Real Estate Conspiracy

When it comes to online marketing strategies, real estate agents are taught in an “ad hoc” style. They’ll attend a class on setting up a Facebook page, how to set up a Google+ account and use promoted products and services like Dot Loop.  How do I know? Actually, I know quite a bit of what real state agents go through because I was one.

What I always found blatantly lacking was any real “in-depth” training in online marketing from start to finish. Even big event training programs such as KW MAPS fall short in this area. They instead do a good job of talking about the importance of mindset, give you scripts to read off of when cold calling, tell you to go knock on doors, spend a small fortune on monthly mailers and briefly mention the importance of creating videos. Their courses aren’t cheap either.

It’s no wonder so many newbies drop out with less in their pocket than when they started! I’m not here to put any brokerage down. I’m sure that in their own way, every brokerage does what they believe is best for their agents. Some of it is quite good, too. However, when it comes to specifically providing real estate agents with solid online marketing content and training, that’s where they drop the ball.

The “Dinosaur” In The Room…

Real estate isn’t what it once used to be. The “old school” ways aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be. Yet, little has changed in its methods and marketing.

Knock-Knock: Let’s take door knocking for example.  Most families have two working partners so no one is home during the day. If you go out on weekends, most are very reluctant to answer the door at all if they’re not expecting you.

I had one of my neighbors open the door just as I arrived on the front step and scream at me to go away before I could utter a sound, then slam the door. All I was doing was going from house to house wishing them a Merry Christmas & New Year and giving out candy canes while trying not to freeze.

Put A Stamp On It: I was also told to spend at minimum $200 on mailings every 21 days. I sent postcards and well-written letters for nearly a year.  I’m a writer and have a degree in graphic design, so that part wasn’t very difficult.

After a year, I had spent $3,500 on mailings, not including the cost of printing postcards. Did I get any responses, any calls? Nothing directly. However, all of my printed marketing material had my website info on there, so I must assume that at least a small percentage of them looked me up online.

When calling selling leads that I’d been mailing to for months, they never seem to recall receiving my mailings. After a year of tracking, I could not trace one transaction directly to mailings I had sent. That was a clear indication to me that mailings do not make enough of an impact to justify the cost.

Ring, Ring… Next is cold calling. Now, let me get this out there right from the start. Some people are total naturals at this and they get far better results than most. However, you have to commit to spending at least 90 minutes for every 100 calls a day using a Rodo-dialer. At most, you’ll speak with less than 10% of those. After a week of calling, you may have a couple of soft leads.  This is inventible and all honest salespeople will tell you that.

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I remember the times I attended BOLD training courses ($300 per course) and each week we were tasked with making a minimum of 100 contacts. Now a contact is actually speaking directly to a person, not leaving a message on voicemail or passing out business cards to strangers. It requires engaging someone in conversation, however short it may be.

Yet, every week, you’d get people claiming to hit the 100 contacts a day by passing out their flyers or business cards. Others claimed they hit their target in less than an hour on the phone. Most salespeople know for a fact that’s not likely.

There was one Realtor who was honest enough to say she had been approaching people at Walmart but was stopped by a manager who told her she had to leave because they do not permit soliciting. How embarrassing!

I’m not a “natural” and absolutely hated calling strangers but I did it nonetheless because I was told to.  Calling expired listings are the worst of all. Now, just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for everyone, so let’s keep that in mind.

A Big Realization

One day, just prior to New Year’s day, I took account of where the majority of my leads were coming from and guess what? Less than 1% of them came from cold-calling, mailings or door knocking.

Most of them came to my website using various online marketing strategies I was employing.  Whenever I touch base with a new online lead, I’d ask how they found me and they’d always say “online”,  from a friend or a previous client.

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I had gotten to know this one top-selling Realtor fairly well. He always claimed to have no problem obtaining leads on any given day. So I called his bluff one day, half joking, and asked him to prove it. He flipped open his computer and showed me the number of leads pouring into his website.  He was in real estate long before I was but was still flying solo. He then told me he spends $5K-$8K a month on Google Adwords alone. Yikes!  He also told me it took him years before he got it right.

That was too rich for me at the time and I knew there was no way I could compete with that.  However, a connection was made. Nearly all of his leads came from online.

So, I started researching online marketing and that lead to affiliate marketing tactics and strategies. Much of that involves content marketing otherwise known as blogging, but videos can fit into that category as well.

As I researched new online marketing strategies, I looked to see what type of content-rich sources were available for real estate agents exclusively.  Not much. Then I looked for ready-made email drip campaigns I could use. The only ones that provided some emails were always tied to CRM’s that you had to purchase.  That includes HubSpot, BoomTown and many others.

There are sites that offer a few email subject line ideas but not much else. I couldn’t find anything that gave me actual 30, 60 or 90-day emails for real estate that were worthwhile. I had no choice but to strap myself in, sort of speak, and take on this challenge myself.

Done For You Marketing Was Born

As I delved deeper into growing an online business I would sign up to a number of different platforms and products trying them out as I went along. That included Internet Jetset, MOBE and Wealthy Affiliate.  By the way, Wealthy Affiliate provided the most for the least and the best training and website building platform, by far! You can read a full review here.

I’d spend months, reading, researching and applying. Tweaking my own email drip campaigns over and over and seeing my open rates improve. When I followed up with a phone call, they already knew me and were much more willing to spend time with me on the phone. One lead even said, “You know your stuff, I won’t go with anyone else.” Wow! That was a big difference from the typical cold call.

The real trick with drip emails is to be very personable as if you’re speaking to them face to face. Intermingled with industry news which makes you seem knowledgeable and sending them a variety of links to things like your own blogs, texts, videos, mobile apps, online valuation site and social media sites.

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Send a variety of emails, some short others longer that are filled with solid content. An effective email drip campaign goes on for months or years. Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? It is!

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For a person who is not comfortable with writing, this can be very daunting indeed. That’s what Done For You Marketing is all about. Like the name says, my goal is to provide you with an easy out. Well, definitely a leg up!

Done For You Marketing will start off with a focus on real estate agents. They are bombarded daily with one soliciting phone call after another and online programs that promise much but fall short on delivery. If you’re like many real estate agents who spend a lot of money purchasing leads, don’t you want to make sure you keep those leads engaged?

The Done For You Marketing for real estate comes in 30, 60 or 90-day drip campaign. No contracts, just purchase whichever you choose and use them right away. Easy peasy. You can use it to start a new drip campaign or add fresh content to your existing campaign.

My plan is to provide other Dmaterials in the near future. If you’d like to tell me what type of Done For You Marketing you’d like the most, please feel free to comment below. I’d love to read your feedback!

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