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Blast Off With These Email Marketing Tips

Email Content Can Generate More Business

According to HubSpot, less than 1% of sales phone calls are returned and less than 24% of sales prospecting emails are opened.

Composing content to generate business is a critical component of email marketing for any type of business niche.

That includes brick and mortar retailers as well. Including service-oriented businesses such as contractors, dentistry, and real estate professionals. Much of the success in sales rely heavily on creating and nurturing their leads through a variety of methods not the least of which is email marketing.

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The more you can set up customized responses to a particular group of individuals or actions they take, the better the result. As such, autoresponders have become a “must have” for many industries. There’s a lot that goes into this process and it requires some advanced planning.

One of the best email marketing systems and autoresponders is Get Response. You can set up your custom drip campaign to start with and then branch out with newsletters, landing pages and set up autoresponders as you grow your contact base.

Make Them Curious

The trick to getting your emails opened and read is to create a question in the mind of the reader. Subject lines that create curiosity generate much higher open rates than any other.

Subject lines such as…

  • Important First Step!
  • Did You Get It?
  • Tell Me About It…
  • Just Like You…

These are tantalizing enough to generate a higher open rate because the reader will want to find out what you are referring to. Keep the body of the email as short as possible and highly focused on one subject.

Most online readers skim through. It’s best to keep this in mind and make sure that your message still gets through.

Caps and Punctuation: Avoid using all caps. Using all capital letters in your subject line equates to spam and shouting. When using exclamation points, less is more. Do not use multiple exclamation points!!!

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Numbers And Signs: Use numbers and dollar signs. We all love money, putting dollar signs in your subject line captures attention.

Use Emojis! Emojis are a great way to stand out in your lead’s inbox but don’t overdo it. Typically, a safe bet is to use one at the start of your subject line with the option of adding one at the end of the line. You can easily find them online at EmojiPedia.org.

Below is one example of Done For You drip campaigns I’ve created specifically for real estate professionals. Take a look at the subject line, “Looking In From The Outside”. Its purpose is to inspire the readers’ curiosity and emotions.

After all, no one wants to be left out, right? The body of the text is short and there’s a call to action at the end. Click on the image if you’d like to read more about this product.

More Than Just Meets The Eye

Make them more engaging with YouTube. Video by far is the most effective way to engage your lead. For instance, in an introductory email, embed or include a link to a friendly “get to know you” email. Each time you create a new video, send out an email featuring the video and topic. Add these to your drip campaigns!

Spread The Word: Provide links to each of your relevant blogs! Talk about your blog and include a link or two. This helps keep them engage with you and builds your credibility.

Get Them Connected: Give them links to your Brokerage’s free mobile app and tell them the benefits of using it.

Share It: Whenever you add a new post to your social media site(s), be sure to share the link as part of your email drip campaign. This gets them to take a look at your social media profile and other previous posts found there, maybe even give you a “Like”.

When including links to your social media sites, make sure it flows naturally within the body of the email and not just under your signature.

Use The KISS Method

Keep your subject lines short and engaging. Remember, you want them to open it to find out what’s in it. Also, studies show that personalizing a subject line, that is, including the lead’s first name, significantly raises open rates.

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Look for and share the latest news that relates specifically to a common problem or challenge potential clients may face today. You can paraphrase an article and also put in a link to the actual article within the body of text. Be sure to give credit where it is due.

This shows your prospects that you are on top of what’s going on in your specific industry and that you understand the issues at hand.

Make The Most of Social Proof

Your prospects are more likely to believe you if they have someone who will back it up with a video testimonial. Ask your customers to write reviews on you or better yet, ask their permission to take a quick 3-5 minute video testimonial. Then, pick out the best and send them along to your prospects. This gives you a sense of credibility like nothing else!

Utilize Lead Magnets

Offer them freebies such as guides, lessons, tutorials and e-books. Make sure they are branded with your contact details and photo. You could also send out invitations to live webinars but make sure they are no less than five days in advance and a reminder 24 hours prior then again one hour prior.

Using An Autoresponder

Using autoresponders you can easily create a series of emails and/or newsletters to go out to a group following a series of events. For instance, when someone signs up to receive your emails, you can set the system up to automatically send out a welcome email and then send them a series of emails or newsletters every day or weekly, etc.

If a person purchases a product from your site, your autoresponder could send out a “Thank You” message and introduce them to some related products. Every time you have a promotion you want to get out there, you can schedule the announcement to go out on a specific day/time.

Autoresponders are same as drip campaigns used by those in sales. Using it, you can easily set up your email drips to go out daily or weekly and nurture your lead/client base.

There are some fantastic and affordable systems out there that also have more advanced features that are very responsive to a particular action.

I always research a product before I spend a dime on anything. So I made sure that my autoresponder was one of the top highly rated and most popular programs out there. It’s what I use today to nurture and stay in touch with a growing number of my own leads.

One of the most advanced features of this autoresponder is a “spam check” feature that helps ensure that my email campaigns are finding their way to inboxes and not instantly filtered out as spam. Watch the video below for a quick overview.

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