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Automate Your Online Marketing Efforts With Autoresponders

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There are over 269 billion emails sent every day, and all indications are that will continue to skyrocket over the next few years. Don’t give anyone an excuse to ignore (or miss) your message.

Much of our intiial efforts as online marketers is focused on generating lead traffic and growing a list of leads, subscribers and/or clients. But then what? How do you keep those in your list engaged and stay top of mind? If you paid for each of those leads, without a good system in place, you’ll lose them entirely very quickly.

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What Are Autoresponders

An Autoresponder is a system used to automatically send pre-written marketing media in the form of emails, newsletters, invitations, etc., to any new lead, subscriber or customer who joins your list.

So you basically, create a series of emails and newsletters as part of your interent marketing that will be sent to a list you’ve created over a set period of time. For e-commerce purposes you could periodically promote new products and sales.

Using autoresponders you can design very professional looking newsletters that automatically go out to your database.

You specify when they go out and how often. So for instance, for a new subscriber to your newsletter, you can set up an instant “Thank you” response and include a link to an e-book, article, training or embed a video. Then follow-up with them however often you choose; daily, every 3 days or weekly.

Using Autoresponders

Autoresponders are designed to save you loads of time. You design your newsletter content using any one of a thousand email templates categorized by industry. Schedule when you want it to go out and forget it. The real timesaver is that you only have to set it up once.

GetResponse Autoresponser

Using autoresponders opens up a whole new world of possibilities. So for instance, you could several different internet marketing campaigns and move your leads from one to another based on certain actions.

You can set it up so that once a lead purchases from you or becomes a client, they are automatically moved to another drip campaign designed specifically for clients. So they can start to receive a newsletter that introduces them to similar products and your upsells. They could also receive new promotions that your running.

Leverage Your Content Marketing

Many bloggers are under the impression that the best way to drive traffic and grow their business requires a new blog daily or every few days. What they don’t realize of course is that placing this burden upon oneself is actually unnecessary. In fact, it’s the quality of your content and not the quantity that counts here.

Using systems such as Buffer, is a big part of my marketing system and how I drive traffic to my websites. You easily syndicate each one of your blogs and leveraging them to reach out to as many through social media, guest blogging, or paid ads.

On average, I write one or two blog every 7 days. Every time I write a blog, I push it out over and over through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. The more often I share the same blog repeatedly, the more clicks, likes, and shares that the blog receives. Therefore, I create 3-5 different social media posts each time I publish. For Pinterest and Instagram, a great source of traffic, I use a fantastic tool that helps me pinpoint which one of my social media posts are doing well and then reschedule them to build momentum.

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Building Relationships

Autoresponders are primarily used to build your relationship with your subscribers and clients over time. You can also use them to build excitement for an upcoming new product you’re going to launch in the near future.

Each newsletter could tell them about another feature of the product and discounts available if ordered within a certain time frame. A great book that goes into the nitty-gritty of online product promotion is written by Jeff Walker titled “Launch”.

Online courses are very popular today. When offering online courses, autoresponders are invaluable. You set up each lesson once and then let it run. Each subscriber progresses at their own pace.

Say they purchase a nice pair of slacks from your site, you can set the autoresponder to send them a promo for shoes, shirt or any accessories for those slacks. This will help boost your sales.

Another example is if they sign up for an introductory course you offer, the autoresponder could send them the course and invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, offer them discounts to the next relevant course, invite them to a webinar, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Ways To Use Autoresponders

Think about how you could use this same system to promote and grow your own business. This works for both online and offline “brick and mortar” retailers and service providers. Here are some suggestions:

  • Welcome emails to new patients, subscribers, and clients
  • Send out a short survey to new sign-ups asking “How did you like our service?” or something like that.
  • Send out anniversary, holiday or birthday emails.
  • Advertise a new promotion, sale or product.
  • Point subscribers to your new blogs.
  • Send out an announcement about a new policy, sales promotion, location or event.
  • Send out a weekly or monthly newsletter about your industry.
  • If a subscriber signed up for one of your online courses, you can deliver lesson over a set period of time.

How Much Do Autoresponders Cost & Where Can I Get One?

Before I buy anything, and I do mean anything, I’m on my phone or laptop checking out reviews. So when it came time for me to find an autoresponder, I did my research. I use and wholeheartedly recommend this autoresponder, it’s the #1 system out there and it’s the backbone of my online business.

You get so much more than just an autoresponder for emails you can also set autoresponders that are triggered by customer interaction. Imagine being able to point a customer to exactly what they are looking for after they click on a link, purchase a product, etc.

The really good news is that this autoresponder is not overly expensive. The basic membership is as low as $15 a month. Also, they don’t trap you, cancel anytime. I use the Pro package because I get all the features I need for the size of my business and then some. Whether it’s landing pages, emails, newsletters, sales funnel and tracking, I like having it all in one place. Easy peasy!

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