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5 High Impact Must Do’s To Market Your Business Online

Pushing out tons of vanilla flavored content may get you some website visitors from time to time. What it won’t do is build loyalty or result in clients and/or subscribers.  Here are five rules on how to market your business online that you can immediately employ, that when used together will deliver big time.

1. Focus

The biggest mistake online entrepreneurs make is trying to be all things to all people. You have so many great ideas it’s hard to stick to just one.

The prevailing myth is that the more you have to offer to more people the better. That’s a mistake when trying to get your small online business or blog site off the ground. There’s just too much competition against you!

Sit down and describe your perfect audience. Narrow it right down to age group, demographics, interests, frustrations, and successes. Make sure you have a very clear picture of him/her. The more specific, the better!

Also, identify each of their triggers, that is hot-button topics they are most likely to be drawn to. Check out  6 Easy Ways To Uncover Hot-Button Triggers. With that your ideal client clearly identified, now you can focus all your efforts on solving their problems.

Write blogs they can totally identify with and won’t be able to ignore. Get in their head first and speak to their pain. Only after you’ve clearly described their challenges, pain and frustration should you offer a solution. That’s when you offer training and products that solve their specific issues.  That’s how you attract them to you like a moth to a flame.

2. Quality Vs Quantity

The best way of accomplishing this is to build loyalty. There’s so much generic stuff out there! You have to find a way to stand out. When you write your content, avoid the temptation of being too business-like. Instead, opt for a more personal touch. Talk to them as if you were face to face, in a friendly, conversational style.

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You’re own uniqueness and quirks are all that you need to stand out online.  Look at John Crestani, his online persona is that of a “hill billy” yet he runs a very successful online affiliate marketing business.

All of your content must be well researched and focused on delivering for your ideal customer. Don't worry about everyone else. Focus, focus, focus!Click To Tweet

If you’re writing blogs, they should be more about solving a problem or teaching a new skill than selling affiliate links. Blogs can help sell products by demonstrating the products uses, new features, including customer stories & reviews, stats & data, charts and so much more. Give them quality information they can use today that provides a solution for them tomorrow.

A word about affiliate links. I am a proponent of online affiliate marketing and believe you can build a good online income from promoting affiliate products.

However, blogs that are replete with one affiliate link after another are an instant turn off. In fact, only 10% of your blog should have an affiliate link. No one wants to read a sales copy.  Limit that to landing pages and videos. One exception to this are product reviews.

Keep it clean. What you don’t want to do is use are a bunch of expletives in your content. That’s a big turn-off.  Even if every other word that comes out of your mouth starts with “F***” your blogs better not be.

Also, make sure you pay a lot of attention to grammar. Few of us have the patience to sift through poorly written content regardless of how attractive the topic is. We’ll just look elsewhere.

3. Traffic…Invite Them In

There are several ways to bring traffic to your online small business presence and I’m going to assume you’ve probably read dozens of blogs covering this topic extensively.

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So rather than rehashing the same stuff over and over, I’ll keep it simple. Best way to drive traffic to your site fast is through paid advertising hands down.

But if you’re operating on a limited budget or want to avoid paid ads, here are some free ways to draw visitors to your website:

If you can’t beat ’em…

Join online groups through social media and post your blogs, answer other posts and tweets. Growing your following on Twitter is by far easier than anywhere else and can happen very quickly so long as you are posting relevant and targeted information.

In other words, focus on a particular niche and stick to it. Follow those who follow you is also a great way to grow your online Twitter network.  One more tip about Twitter, be generous with your re-tweets. Share and share alike!

Use A Really Good Keyword Search Tool:

Using keywords properly DOES NOT mean splattering it all over your content to the point of ridiculousness. In fact, there are only four places you should always include a keyword or phrase:

  • In your title
  • In the first paragraph of your content
  • In the last paragraph of your content
  • In your meta description

For instance, let’s take this blog for example. I used Jaaxy to help me dig out which are the highest ranking keyword phrases for my subject matter. Using Jaaxy, I have several saved lists for different topics that I can easily look up and use over and over again.

Using the above-mentioned placements for keyword/keyphrase placement, can you figure out what phrase I used for this blog? If you guessed, “market your online business”, you’re right.

Leverage Videos:

Although it’s recommended that your online business also have a YouTube account, it’s not imperative. You can still create short videos and post directly to social media posts, your website and landing pages.

For instance, my husband runs a website promoting two of our condos in Biloxi, MS. It’s called GolfCoastBiloxi.com in case your interested. Anyway, he recently posted a minute long drone video of a yearly event called “Cruising the Coast” where people bring hundreds of classic cars to ride up and down the coast. 

He posted on his Facebook site around 10 PM and within 24 hours had 7K views,  19,800 people reached, 7,300 views,  800 engagements, 1700 clicks, and 193 shares. No words just music in the background.  Very simple. Click here to view the video.

4. Follow The Big Guys – Increasing Your Sales

These are all commonly used methods to get your online buyers to act on impulse purchases while the customer is in “buying mode” and thereby increasing the value of their point of sale. These strategies are employed online as well as offline and include Add-ons, Downselling, Upsells, Cross Sales and Upgrades.


If you’re selling a product, you would be wise to copy this very same strategy. Add-on’s compliment or enhance a buyer’s experience and are closely related to the product. Some examples are:

  • If your selling shoes, offer up stockings, socks, matching purses and accessories.
  • If you’re selling online courses offer a 50% discount on a more advanced level course or site membership.
  • When selling an e-book, offer up an audio version they can listen to on the go.

Amazon is always my first go to for demonstrating the different type of selling tactics you can employ in your own small business online. Let’s take a look at Amazon’s 49″ 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart Led TV priced at $429.99.  Just below the main item description are the add-on items such as the wall mount and cables which bump the price up another $31.99 to $461.98.

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Upselling does not involve adding to an existing order but rather replacing their first choice with a more expensive option that offers them so much more.  You often see this in action online when you visit a sites pricing comparison page.

Here’s a screenshot from Followupboss.com, an online CRM,  pricing page. Notice how they highlight the “Established” pricing column of $199 a month as the most common option chosen.

Laying out the features and benefits within your pricing structure in a similar way almost compels the consumer to essentially upsell from their first choice and solidifies the purchase decision in the buyer’s mind.

Let’s assume the buyer was considering the basic $149/mo option initially, as soon as they hit the price page they are presented with three different upsells. All it takes is a well-crafted pricing plan and a chart.

Follow Up Boss Pricing Page

Down Selling…Better A Small Sale, Than No Sale At All

The practice of “down selling” is simple. If a customer declines your offer at the high ticket price, offer them something similar for less. So for instance, if they opt out of the full eight-week online course, offer them a condensed outline or summary in e-book form instead. The point is to make a sale, period.


How often do you walk into a store focused on getting your “one thing” just to come out with a bag full of stuff and load it all into the car? Why do you think retailers place tons of “extras” all along the way to the register?

Look at Marshalls, while waiting for the next available cashier, you’re herded into a path between two rows of shelves filled with impulse items (nice smelling candles, kitchen gadgets, books, pet supplies, seasonal knick-knacks and more).

How about when online shopping at sites like Amazon, they always include “Other people who bought this product also bought….” followed by a slew of similar or related products you can add to your order with a click.

The distinction between Cross-selling from Add-ons is this. Cross-selling operates on the idea that if the customer needs item “A”, they might very well be in the market for item “B”.  Here’s a quick screenshot from Amazon. I searched for “dog harness” and took a shot of the list of cross selling items offered along with Add-ons.

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In the example above, I would consider dog leashes as Add-ons and dog food, dog crate and dog sling as Cross Selling items.

Upgrading Is A Wonderful Thing

Upgrades are fairly well understood and common. You can upgrade a membership, a computer, hotel rooms, a seat on a flight… just about anything. With an upgrade your enticing the buyer to spend more for greater perceived value.

Service industries know that offering the lowest price first will likely attract buyers into their sales funnel. Then as they proceed through the funnel, they present the buyer with options to upgrade before they checkout. This same or similar tactic can be applied to any industry online.

5. Reselling Existing Customers

When you market frequently to your past clients or buyers it directly increases your customer lifetime value. Meaning that keeping in touch with them dramatically increases the chances that they will do business with you again and again.

E-Course: Building An Email List

Mailing Lists are used by most successful Internet marketers as they allow marketers to build long term relationships…and long term income from their websites! Click the image above and get started building your mailing list.

Not to mention the fact that happy clients are far more likely to recommend your services to family friends and co-workers via word of mouth, SMS and social media sites.  There’s no better form of advertising!

It's imperative that your business has a system in place where you continue to market and offer new valuable information, news and/or products to your customers through your email list.Click To Tweet

Building that list should be your top priority because it is the backbone of your business from which your marketing efforts flow. you can get data back instantly from people who are already within your target audience. 

The advantage of having an email list is that when you run a new offer and you want to get it out in front of 1,000 plus people, you can just go directly to your list and present the offer to them. You’ll get data back quickly. 

When you market frequently to your buyers, it directly increases your customer lifetime value.  Mercedes does this effectively and they’re a multi-billion dollar corporation.

If you don’t have an email list, you will have to allocate a marketing budget to build one. Paid traffic will allow you to grow your business exponentially when it is done the right way.  It helps you build assets like your email lists which you can then use as a source for free traffic.

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Now it’s your turn. What other high impact strategies have you incorporated into your own online business marketing efforts?  What’s the biggest challenge you face time and again?

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