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10 Steps To Crafting Killer Content

What’s the purpose of creating content? To rank on page one of search engines and generate more traffic to your website. So before you even write a single word of content you should research and dig out your targeted keyword from which you will build your content around.

Your Title & Description Matter

Did you know that although 8 out 10 people may read your blog title, only 2 out of 10 will click it.  Crafting an attention-grabbing headline is insanely important your content’s syndication and success.

Carefully create your meta title and description as this is the first opportunity your blog has to attract visitors to your site and it’s a huge part of Google ranking.

Include your best keyword phrase in both. Take the time to run a Google search on your topic and see which headings and descriptions are the most irresistible.

The best option is to use keyword search sites like Jaaxy which give you far more in-depth information and help you to discover long string keywords and niches you can then target for better results.

Here are some title crafting tips:

  • Create a sense of urgency 
  • Use “How To’s”
  • Include Numbers (Top 3 Vacation Spots)
  • Make It Personal (Use “My”, “I” and “You”) My Top 10 Secret Getaways

Know Your Audience! 

Focus on your ideal client’s needs, wants and struggles. The more specific and targeted your audience, the better results you’ll get. 

Keep it simple! Make sure your formatting is clean and mobile friendly. Make the font and text size large enough to read easily.

Many folks in their 40’s and up find small text increasingly difficult to read.  I typically will use font style Arial and size 12 pt. 

Remember to make it personable. Use “you” and “I”. When writing your content, keep it conversational, resist the urge sound businesslike. Instead, opt for casual conversation, one on one with your audience. 

Tell A Story

People love stories, it holds their attention. Include your own failures and successes. No one is perfect, so don’t pretend to be. People love uplifting stories on overcoming adversity.

With so much negativity vying for our attention every day, most of us, thirst for positive content.  Why do you think positive coaches like Tony Robbins are so popular still? I know I do! In fact, it’s the way I prefer to start my day. I don’t watch the news until late in the evening and I limit it to no more than one hour. The same goes for online videos. 

Stay Focused

When crafting a blog its so easy to go off on other related topics but that could kill your overall efforts. Instead, stay really focused on the topic at hand.

If you think of something that’s related, write it down as a topic for your next blog. Don’t stray from the topic.  Check out 9 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes.

It’s not always easy to remember every step you need to cover for every blog you publish. That’s why I put together the Content Marketing Roadmap which is basically a cheat sheet that guides you through building content and how to get the word out every time.


Make sure you include links to your other related blogs within each of the blogs on your site.  Search engines look for that in determining the value of your content. So ALWAYS link to another one or two of your blogs. 

10 Steps To Crafting Killer Content

Stand Apart & Stay Relevant

There are over 2 Million blog posts published every day. The Washington Post publishes over 500 pieces of content per day. Images, Infographics, and videos stand out.

Strong, attention-grabbing images will help you stand out. Don’t settle for dull stock images, mix it up! Plan to include a bold feature image, plus two additional images (charts, graphs, infographic) to support the context and then a video, meme, GIF, etc. There are several sites that let you build your own infographics and unique content easily.

Offer Them Value

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In order to build your reputation as an expert in your niche, you must deliver quality content that readers won’t get elsewhere. 

In order to offer readers real value, you’ll need to take some time to do your research. Identify widely accepted myths on the topic and write a blog about that. Look for interesting facts, little-known uses, shocking statistics, etc.

Share The Love

Don’t just rely on one or two traffic channels to push your blog out to the masses. Relying on one or two is a recipe for disaster. Your blogs may be reaching 100 people today, and tomorrow only 10 because they’ve changed their algorithms.

Pay attention to your social media profiles. The more people who follow you through social media, the easier it’ll be to drive them to your blog.Click To Tweet

Invite conversations. Invite comments to each of your blogs. Don’t neglect them. Instead, make it a priority to respond to every comment in your blog site and in all of your social media. Nurture your community and they will in turn reward you.

If they like it, they will share it! Make it easy to share. This is a great way to spread your content out there. WordPress sites have some great plugins for this as you can see on this site. 

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Build Your Audience

Encourage people to come back to your site often through emails and push notifications. You can use an RSS-to-email feature through sites like Zapier that will automatically email your new blogs to your email list.

Continually build your email list. Offer a compelling bait to encourage subscriptions. “Hello Bar” can easily collect emails and send out a blast each time you post a new blog. For more on this check out “Your Content Marketing Playbook“.

Plan Out Your Monetization Technique

10 Steps To Writing Blog Content | content marketing

Again, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Think about a variety of different products you can offer.

Rather than relying on affiliate links, consider building an e-course, e-book or other product. Afterall, variety is the spice of life!

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